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4841_jerry maguire_sun devil stadium_0.jpg streetview_4841_18.jpg

Sun Devil Stadium Jerry Maguire (1996)

Jerry and Rod are talking before the start of the important game.


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5817_a star is born_sun devil stadium_0.jpeg streetview_5817_18.jpg

Sun Devil Stadium A Star Is Born (1976)

Esther Hoffman performs at the concert.


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3835_raising arizona_n phoenician blvd_0.jpeg streetview_3835_18.jpg

N Phoenician Blvd Raising Arizona (1987)

HI has a dream about the house from which he stole the baby.


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5856_psycho_barrister place (formerly jefferson hotel)_0.jpg streetview_5856_18.jpg

Barrister Place (formerly Jefferson Hotel) Psycho (1960)

The movie starts with a shot of Phoenix, Arizona and leads the viewer through an open window on the fourth floor of an hotel where we meet Marion Crane and her lover Sam Loomis.


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3834_raising arizona_carino canyon homes_0.jpg streetview_3834_18.jpg


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3787_mr. robot_fry’s electronics_0.JPG streetview_3787_18.jpg

Fry’s Electronics Mr. Robot (2015 - 2019)

Trenton and Mobley try to hide from the Dark Army by working anonymous somewhere in Arizona.


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3837_raising arizona_circle k_0.jpg streetview_3837_18.jpg


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3836_raising arizona_n alma school pkwy_1.jpg streetview_3836_18.jpg

N Alma School Pkwy Raising Arizona (1987)

HI, Ed and the rider from hell are having a fight. Hi and Ed are not willing to give up Nathan Junior.