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3762_iron man 2_yum yum donuts_1.jpg streetview_3762_18.jpg

Yum Yum Donuts Iron Man 2 (2010)

Nick Fury talks to Tony Stark in the donut shop while Black Widow secures the area and helps out.


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2558_independence day_6033 w 74th street_4.png streetview_2558_18.jpg

6033 W 74th Street Independence Day (1996)

Steven Hiller gets out to pick up the newspaper only to find out there is something out there.


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1104_16_MadMen_LAX_01.jpg streetview_2097_18.jpg

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Mad Men (2007 - 2015)

Don walks across the mosaics at Los Angeles International Airport


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© United Artists, Sherwood Productions
4798_wargames_el segundo high school - library park_1.jpg streetview_4798_18.jpg

El Segundo High School - Library Park WarGames (1983)

Jennifer and David meet in the park across the street from their school.


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© Columbia Pictures, Apatow Productions
4799_superbad_el segundo high school_3.jpg streetview_4799_18.jpg

El Segundo High School Superbad (2007)

Seth and Evan discuss how to get alcohol. Then Fogell arrives showing them his fake McLovin ID card.


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© Paper Kite Productions
4797_moxie_el segundo high school_1.jpg streetview_4797_18.jpg

El Segundo High School Moxie (2021)

The shy 16-year-old Vivian arrives at school.


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4299_training day_palmwood drive_0.png streetview_4299_18.jpg

Palmwood Drive Training Day (2001)

Jake takes a stand and leaves Alonzo empty-handed.


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© Miramax, A Band Apart, Jersey Films
2942_pulp fiction_hawthorne grill (closed)_2.jpg streetview_2942_18.jpg

Hawthorne Grill (closed) Pulp Fiction (1994)

** spoiler alert ** Jules and Vincent are having breakfast in the diner that is being robbed.


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© Marvel Studios
3152_captain marvel_do you know this location__0.jpg streetview_3152_18.jpg

Metro Station Douglas Captain Marvel (2019)

Captain Marvel wants to take the metro.


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© Paramount, Robert Stigwood Organization (RSO), Fine Arts Films
3175_grease_venice high school_0.png streetview_3175_18.jpg

Venice High School Grease (1978)

Danny and Sandy sing Summer Nights.


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© Paramount, Robert Stigwood Organization (RSO), Fine Arts Films
621_01_Grease_VeniceHighSchool_01.png streetview_287_18.jpg

Venice High School Grease (1978)

The students arrive at school at the beginning of a new year.


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© Gracie Films, Vinyl Films, TriStar Pictures
9390_01_JerryMaguire_02.png streetview_502_18.jpg

23rd Street (house) Jerry Maguire (1996)

Jerry arrives at Dorothy's tiny yellow house. He walks in saying 'I am looking for my wife!'


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609 Venezia Avenue The Big Lebowski (1998)

The Dude is dropped off at his house.


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© Summit Entertainment, Lionsgate, Marc Platt Productions, Gilbert Films, Black Label Media, Impostor Pictures
313369_07_LaLaLand_Interstate110_01.jpg streetview_1303_18.jpg

Interstate 105 La La Land (2016)

The cast is singing Another Day of Sun.


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1421_01_ModernFamily_House_01.png streetview_862_18.jpg


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1637_01_Speed_InterstateI5_01.jpg streetview_1174_18.jpg

Interstate 5 Speed (1994)

The bus has to pick up speed in order to jump over the gap in the highway.


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© New Line Cinema, Karz Entertainment, ESPN, Rice Films
32856_02_Valentine'sDay_GrandCanal_01.jpeg streetview_786_18.jpg

Grand Canal Valentine's Day (2010)

** spoiler alert ** Julia confesses to Reed that she loved him. They kiss.


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© New Line Cinema, Karz Entertainment, ESPN, Rice Films
32856_01_Valentine'sDay_GrandCanal_01.jpeg streetview_396_18.jpg

Grand Canal Valentine's Day (2010)

Reed Bennett tells Alphonso that his girlfriend dumped him.


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© Columbia Pictures, Tall Trees Productions, Flower Films, Leonard Goldberg Productions
2637_charlie's angels_410 carrol canal (house)_1.png streetview_2637_18.jpg

410 Carrol Canal (house) Charlie's Angels (2000)

Natalie wakes up in het home after dreaming she's a dancer en tells the mailman he can feel free to stick things in her slot...


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1104_14_MadMen_American Museum of Natural History_01.jpg streetview_843_18.jpg

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles Mad Men (2007 - 2015)

The New York's American Museum of Natural History where Sally gets her period.


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6657_creed iii_muscle beach venice_1.jpg streetview_6657_18.jpg

Muscle Beach Venice Creed III (2023)

Damian wants to show what he is capable of.


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© A24, Be Funny When You Can
6120_c’mon c’mon_venice beach - ocean front walk_0.jpg streetview_6120_18.jpg

Venice Beach - Ocean Front Walk C'mon C'mon (2021)

Johnny takes Jesse out and shows him what is it’s like to record the sounds around you.


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1421_05_ModernFamily_Westside Pavilion Mall_01.png streetview_1170_18.jpg

Westside Pavilion Mall Modern Family (2009 - 2020)

Haley and Alex are Santa's helpers in the shopping mall.