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3819_forrest gump_santa monica pier_0.jpg streetview_3819_18.jpg

Santa Monica Pier Forrest Gump (1994)

Forrest stops running, decides to turn around and continue his journey.


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© Winkler Films, United Artists
3914_rocky iii_santa monica state beach_1.png streetview_3914_18.jpg

Santa Monica State Beach Rocky III (1982)

Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed train on the beach.


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3357_speed_the firehouse_0.jpeg streetview_3357_18.jpg

The Firehouse Speed (1994)

Jack leaves the coffee house when the bus is blown.


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3356_speed_main street _ rose avenue_0.png streetview_3356_18.jpg

Main Street & Rose Avenue Speed (1994)

Howard Payne blows up a bus to send a message to Jack.


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4767_donnie darko_aero theater_0.jpg streetview_4767_18.jpg

Aero Theater Donnie Darko (2001)

During a screening of The Evil Dead Donnie is told by the rabbit what he should do..


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© A24, Be Funny When You Can
6120_c’mon c’mon_venice beach - ocean front walk_0.jpg streetview_6120_18.jpg

Venice Beach - Ocean Front Walk C'mon C'mon (2021)

Johnny takes Jesse out and shows him what is it’s like to record the sounds around you.


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6657_creed iii_muscle beach venice_1.jpg streetview_6657_18.jpg

Muscle Beach Venice Creed III (2023)

Damian wants to show what he is capable of.


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© Paramount, Eddie Murphy Productions, Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films
3700_beverly hills cop_channel road_0.jpeg streetview_3700_18.jpg

Channel Road Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

The police is entering the villa of Victor Maitland. Billy Rosewood wants to make an impression but that does not work.


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2637_charlie's angels_410 carrol canal (house)_1.png streetview_2637_18.jpg

410 Carrol Canal (house) Charlie's Angels (2000)

Natalie wakes up in het home after dreaming she's a dancer en tells the mailman he can feel free to stick things in her slot...


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© Karz Entertainment, New Line Cinema, Rice Films
32856_02_Valentine'sDay_GrandCanal_01.jpeg streetview_786_18.jpg

Grand Canal Valentine's Day (2010)

** spoiler alert ** Julia confesses to Reed that she loved him. They kiss.


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© Karz Entertainment, New Line Cinema, Rice Films
32856_01_Valentine'sDay_GrandCanal_01.jpeg streetview_396_18.jpg

Grand Canal Valentine's Day (2010)

Reed Bennett tells Alphonso that his girlfriend dumped him.


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f-1717_609 venezia avenue_192_1.jpg streetview_1717_18.jpg

609 Venezia Avenue The Big Lebowski (1998)

The Dude is dropped off at his house.


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1973_02_24_Office_01.png streetview_414_18.jpg


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621_01_Grease_VeniceHighSchool_01.png streetview_287_18.jpg

Venice High School Grease (1978)

The students arrive at school at the beginning of a new year.


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© Paramount, Robert Stigwood Organization (RSO), Fine Arts Films
3175_grease_venice high school_0.png streetview_3175_18.jpg

Venice High School Grease (1978)

Danny and Sandy sing Summer Nights.


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4062_chef_250 s bristol avenue (house)_1.png streetview_4062_18.jpg

250 S Bristol Avenue (house) Chef (2014)

Carl drops off his son Percy after their road trip at his ex-wife Inez's house.


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1421_02_ModernFamily_House_01.png streetview_1029_18.jpg


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6333_westworld_will rogers state historic park - stables_0.jpg streetview_6333_18.jpg


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4109_home again_300 n tigertail road (house)_1.jpg streetview_4109_18.jpg

300 N Tigertail Road (house) Home Again (2017)

Alice is working at home on a mood board for an interior design.


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4108_home again_n tigertail rd los angeles, california 90049 united states_0.jpg streetview_4108_18.jpg

300 N Tigertail Rd Los Angeles, California 90049 United States Home Again (2017)

Alice has a flasback about her father who came home for her birthday when she was a little girl.


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4588_12_ER_School_01.jpg streetview_731_18.jpg


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