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© Team Downey
5146_perry mason_second church of christ scientist_0.jpg streetview_5146_18.jpg

Second Church of Christ Scientist Perry Mason (2020 - 2020)

** spoiler alert ** The people leave the church after the service when Emily is suddenly arrested.


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2707_a star is born_the shrine auditorium_2.png streetview_2707_18.jpg


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5250_thelma _ louise_vagabond inn - los angeles at usc_0.jpg streetview_5250_18.jpg

Vagabond Inn - Los Angeles at USC Thelma & Louise (1991)

J.D. knocks on the door. Thelma can not resist him.


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© Plan B Entertainment, Big Indie Pictures, Amazon Studios
BeautifulBoy_03.jpeg streetview_2265_18.jpg

University of Southern California Beautiful Boy (2018)

Nic and Julia are having a conversation at the University.


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© Paramount, The Steve Tisch Company, Wendy Finerman Productions
5314_forrest gump_usc school of international relations_0.jpg streetview_5314_18.jpg

USC School of International Relations Forrest Gump (1994)

Forrest Gump looks at his mother when as he graduates from college.


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© Inc. Lawrence Turman Films, AVCO Embassy Pictures
2266_the graduate_prentiss memorial fountain_3.jpg streetview_2266_18.jpg


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5315_forrest gump_doheny memorial library_1.jpg streetview_5315_18.jpg

Doheny Memorial Library Forrest Gump (1994)

A recruiter from the American army approaches Forrest during his graduation celebration. He asks him if he ever thought about his future.


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1104_14_MadMen_American Museum of Natural History_01.jpg streetview_843_18.jpg

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles Mad Men (2007 - 2015)

The New York's American Museum of Natural History where Sally gets her period.


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© Regency Enterprises, Forward Pass, Warner Bros. Pictures, New Regency Productions, The Linson Company, Monarchy Enterprises B.V.
4643_heat_venice blvd_2.jpg streetview_4643_18.jpg

Venice Blvd Heat (1995)

The team robs the armored truck.


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4768_donnie darko_loyola high school_0.jpg streetview_4768_18.jpg


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5014_westworld_the mayfair hotel - lobby_2.jpg streetview_5014_18.jpg

The Mayfair Hotel - Lobby Westworld (2016 - 2020)

Charlotte and Dolores meet in the lobby of the hotel. Charlotte is very nervous.


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5147_perry mason_trinity auditorium_0.jpg streetview_5147_18.jpg

Trinity Auditorium Perry Mason (2020 - 2020)

** spoiler alert ** There is a church service before the funeral of the baby.


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© WV Films II, Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Outlaw Productions (I), Warner Bros. Pictures
4298_training day_quality cafe_0.jpg streetview_4298_18.jpg

Quality Cafe Training Day (2001)

Jake meets Alonzo for the first time.


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1104_03_MadMen_QualityCafe_01.jpg streetview_1064_18.jpg

Quality Cafe Mad Men (2007 - 2015)

Don talks with his half-brother at the Deelite.


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© Ryan Murphy Productions
4667_the prom_the orpheum theatre_2.jpg streetview_4667_18.jpg

The Orpheum Theatre The Prom (2020)

Dee Dee Allen and Barry Glickman star in the musical Eleanor.


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© Fox 2000 Pictures, Regency Enterprises, Bagdasarian Productions, Dune Entertainment, 20th Century Fox
4736_alvin _ the chipmunks_orpheum theatre_0.jpg streetview_4736_18.jpg

Orpheum Theatre Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007)

The chipmunks perform in the theater. In the meantime Dave tries to get a ticket.


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© uFilm, La Petite Reine, Studio 37, La Classe Américaine, JD Prod, France 3 Cinéma, Jouror Productions
4704_the artist_orpheum theatre_1.jpg streetview_4704_18.jpg

Orpheum Theatre The Artist (2011)

George Valentin - and Constance - on stage after the successful premiere of his new film.


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© Oak Productions, Columbia Pictures
4705_last action hero_orpheum theatre_0.jpg streetview_4705_18.jpg

Orpheum Theatre Last Action Hero (1993)

Danny gets a very special ticket from Nick for the screening of the new Jack Slater movie.


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Broadway The Offer (2022 - 2022)

Movie producer Albert S. Ruddy in LA’s red light district.


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© Echo Films, Hello Sunshine, Media Res, Bad Attitude
5767_the morning show_818 w. 7th building_3.JPG streetview_5767_18.jpg

818 W. 7th Building The Morning Show (2019 - 2021)

As Cory is leaving his apartment Chip suddenly approaches him on the street trying to sell him a format.


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© Marvel Studios
3305_captain marvel_7th street _ metro center_0.jpg streetview_3305_18.jpg

7th Street / Metro Center Captain Marvel (2019)

Carol Danvers is looking for someone in the metro station.


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5636_the morning show_restaurant terroni (closed)_3.jpg streetview_5636_18.jpg

Restaurant Terroni (closed) The Morning Show (2019 - 2021)

Alex and Bradley have a meeting in the restaurant.


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5698_the morning show_le grand restaurant _ wine market_1.jpg streetview_5698_18.jpg


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1400_10_Seinfeld_Apartment_01.jpg streetview_1743_18.jpg


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© Universal Television, 3 Arts Entertainment, First Thought Productions, Paulilu Productions, Fremulon
l-5703_hacks_nomad - restaurant_1.png streetview_5703_18.jpg

NoMad - Restaurant Hacks (2021 - 2022)

Deborah meets Marty in his restaurant where he has some disturbing news for her.