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5150_perry mason_the ebell of los angeles_0.jpg streetview_5150_18.jpg

The Ebell of Los Angeles Perry Mason (2020 - 2023)

** spoiler alert ** Perry Mason and E.B. have something to drink in the club. Mason tells him he does not like it there. For E.B. it’s all business. He then walks to D.A. Maynard Barnes who is also in the club.


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5316_the artist_the ebell of los angeles_0.jpg streetview_5316_18.jpg

The Ebell of Los Angeles The Artist (2011)

George Valentin has to accept all of his personal things have to be auctioned to pay the bills.


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4586_11_GilmoreGirls_Theater_01.png streetview_1970_18.jpg

Wilshire Ebell Theatre Gilmore Girls (2000 - 2007)

The interior of the Pastorela Theater where the Bangles have their concert.


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l-5702_hacks_wilshire ebell theatre_0.png streetview_5702_18.jpg


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2794_the kominsky method_433 s lucerne blvd_3.jpg streetview_2794_18.jpg


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4918_wargames_s arden blvd_0.jpg streetview_4918_18.jpg

S Arden Blvd WarGames (1983)

David and Jennifer arrive at David’s house and are being welcomed by Beau the dog.


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4588_15_ER_John Burroughs Middle School_01.jpg streetview_1445_18.jpg


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3701_beverly hills cop_wilshire boulevard_0.jpg streetview_3701_18.jpg

Wilshire Boulevard Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

Axel is thrown through the front window. Police arrive to arrest him.


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© ABC Studios, ShondaLand, Royal Ties Productions
4467_scandal_n rossmore ave_0.webp streetview_4467_18.jpg

N Rossmore Ave Scandal (2012 - 2018)

Olivia ambushed David to ask him for information about one of his colleagues.


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5230_promising young woman_the view apartments_2.jpg streetview_5230_18.jpg

The View Apartments Promising Young Woman (2020)

Ryan offers Cassandra something to drink at his place after their date. She declines and Ryan realizes what a stupid mistake he made.


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© Khalabo Ink Society, Misher Films, Strong Baby Productions
6957_you people_openaire_0.jpg streetview_6957_18.jpg

Openaire You People (2023)

The scene description is not available yet.


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6870_your place or mine_openaire_2.jpg streetview_6870_18.jpg

Openaire Your Place or Mine (2023)

Peter takes Jack out to eat something. They end up having an interesting discussion.


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© Warner Bros. Television, Jerry Weintraub Productions, Bad Robot, Kilter Films
6470_westworld_the langham_3.jpg streetview_6470_18.jpg

The Langham Westworld (2016 - 2022)

Clementine takes the Man in Black to the apartment building where the killing took place.


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© AVCO Embassy Pictures, Mike Nichols Productions, Lawrence Turman Productions
5917_the graduate_ambassador hotel (demolished)_0.jpg streetview_5917_18.jpg

Ambassador Hotel (demolished) The Graduate (1967)

Benjamin and Mrs Robinson have a drink in the bar of the Taft hotel before going to the room.


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5909_the offer_paramount studios bronson gate_0.jpg streetview_5909_18.jpg


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l-4123_new girl_the prince_0.webp streetview_4123_18.jpg

The Prince New Girl (2011 - 2018)

Jess goes to Nicks for advice at the bar where he works.


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1104_02_MadMen_ThePrince_01.jpg streetview_771_18.jpg

The Prince Mad Men (2007 - 2015)

Don and Betty join Roger and Mona for dinner at a restaurant.


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1400_10_Seinfeld_Apartment_01.jpg streetview_1743_18.jpg


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l-7469_six feet under_2306 w 25th street - garden_4.png streetview_7469_18.jpg

2306 W 25th Street - garden Six Feet Under (2001 - 2005)

Nate dreams about his childhood in which he and his brother play in the garden of their home.


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4768_donnie darko_loyola high school_0.jpg streetview_4768_18.jpg


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l-7470_six feet under_2306 w 25th street_0.png streetview_7470_18.jpg

2306 W 25th Street Six Feet Under (2001 - 2005)

The Fisher's house and family business 'Fisher & Sons Funeral Home'.


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© Karz Entertainment, New Line Cinema, Rice Films
32856_04_Valentine'sDay_HollywoodForeverCemetery_01.jpeg streetview_1006_18.jpg

Hollywood Forever Cemetery Valentine's Day (2010)

Jason is sitting on a bench. He's disappointed that his date with Liz didn't work out. In the end he gives one of his cinema tickets to Edgar. Together they go to the screening of Hot Spell at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.


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1104_09_MadMen_ThreeClubs_01.jpg streetview_1711_18.jpg

Three Clubs Mad Men (2007 - 2015)

After Betty finds out she's pregnant, she drops the kids off at Don's hotel, goes shopping and heads to a bar.


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2483_the big lebowski_johnie’s coffee shop restaurant (closed)_2.jpg streetview_2483_18.jpg

Johnie’s Coffee Shop Restaurant (closed) The Big Lebowski (1998)

Walter and The Dude are talking about the case that could get The Dude in trouble.