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Ambulance copyright Universal.jpg streetview_5690_18.jpg

Los Angeles River Ambulance (2022)

The ambulance is being chased by police helicopters.


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5017_the kominsky method_los angeles river center _ gardens_1.jpg streetview_5017_18.jpg

Los Angeles River Center & Gardens The Kominsky Method (2018 - 2021)

Norman and Sandy just drove Phoebe to rehab. But she does not want to stay there.


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6984_fast x_parking lot dodger stadium_0.jpg streetview_6984_18.jpg


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3489_fast _ furious 7_parking lot dodger stadium_0.jpg streetview_3489_18.jpg

Parking Lot Dodger Stadium Furious 7 (2015)

Dom and his family are ready for a new adventure.


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280_Terminator2JudgementDay_02_ElysianPark_02.png streetview_116_18.jpg

Elysian Park Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

Sarah Connor has her nightmare and dreams about the day Skynet takes control and drops the bomb.


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3707_chinatown_chinatown - spring street_0.jpg streetview_3707_18.jpg

Chinatown - Spring Street Chinatown (1974)

** spoiler alert ** Evelyn tries to escape from Noah Cross even though she gets the advice to let the police handle it. While driving away a shot is fired.


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4294_training day_n thomas street_0.png streetview_4294_18.jpg

N Thomas Street Training Day (2001)

Alonzo takes Jake with him to Smileys because he wants to drop something off for the family.


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5647_the kid_olivera street_0.jpg streetview_5647_18.jpg

Olivera Street The Kid (1921)

The Tramp and the kid reunited.


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3240_gangster squad_union station_0.png streetview_3240_18.jpg

Union Station Gangster Squad (2013)

O’ Mara sees how one of Mickey Cohen’s men is seducing a girl who just arrived in Los Angeles.


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2517_blade runner_union station_1.jpg streetview_2517_18.jpg

Union Station Blade Runner (1982)

Deckard is walking through the police station.


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2516_the dark knight rises_union station_3.png streetview_2516_18.jpg

Union Station The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Commissioner Gordon and his men are sentenced by an illegal court.


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2518_catch me if you can_union station_3.png streetview_2518_18.jpg

Union Station Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Frank Abagnale Jr. seduces Lucy to find out how he can best swindle the bank.


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2519_hail caesar!_union station_1.jpg streetview_2519_18.jpg

Union Station Hail, Caesar! (2016)

Eddie Manniox is followed by his assistant who tells him what his agenda is showing.


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Pearl Harbor Train Station (1).jpg streetview_1815_18.jpg

Union Station Pearl Harbor (2001)

Rafe volunteers to join the war in England. He takes a train. Danny says goodbye to him. Evelyn is looking for Rafe in the lobby of the train station but fails to find him.


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2283_lethal weapon 3_old plaza_1.png streetview_2283_18.jpg

Old Plaza Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)

Riggs and Murtaugh working on the street as 'normal' police officers.


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5697_the morning show_pico house_0.JPG streetview_5697_18.jpg

Pico House The Morning Show (2019 - 2021)

** spoiler alert ** While eating ab ice cream Mitch is attacked verbally by a young woman who tells him what she thinks of him and tells him to go away. Another woman intervenes and tries to defend Mitch who does not like all the attention.


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4295_training day_everett street_1.png streetview_4295_18.jpg

Everett Street Training Day (2001)

Alonzo just forced Jake to take part in a crooked deal.


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2565_a star is born_739 e kensington road_2.png streetview_2565_18.jpg

739 E Kensington Road A Star Is Born (2018)

Jack brings Ally back to her house after a night out. As she walks to the front door, Jack calls her from the car: ‘Hey, I just wanna take another look at you!’


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5118_furious 7_kensington road_3.jpg streetview_5118_18.jpg

Kensington Road Furious 7 (2015)

** spoiler alert ** Mia has just told Dominic there is a package from Tokyo on his porch when his phone rings. A few seconds later hell breaks loose.


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5119_f9_kensington road_1.jpg streetview_5119_18.jpg

Kensington Road F9 (2021)

Dom arrives at his new house.


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Captain Marvel copyright Disney1.jpg streetview_3400_18.jpg

Civic Center / Grand Park Captain Marvel (2019)

Carol Danvers exits the metro station in pursuit of one of the Skulls.


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6412_westworld_little library grand park - stairs_3.jpg streetview_6412_18.jpg

Little Library Grand Park - Stairs Westworld (2016 - 2022)

** spoiler alert ** Frankie takes Jay to Uwade who tells him the world is not what he thinks it is. They are discovered and try to blend in the crowd.


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5156_perry mason_los angeles city hall_0.jpg streetview_5156_18.jpg

Los Angeles City Hall Perry Mason (2020 - 2023)

** spoiler alert ** Della is angry with Perry because he is the one that got Emily arrested during the funeral of her baby.


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3239_gangster squad_los angeles city hall_0.png streetview_3239_18.jpg

Los Angeles City Hall Gangster Squad (2013)

O’Mara and Wooters see how Cohen’s men can leave the police station and there is nothing they can do.