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4101_l.a. confidential_california bank building_0.jpg streetview_4101_18.jpg

California Bank Building L.A. Confidential (1997)

Jack Vincennes stages a photo call on the street.


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313369_01_LaLaLand_GriffithObservatory_01.jpg streetview_1712_18.jpg

Griffith Observatory La La Land (2016)

The observatory Mia and Sebastian visit after they have seen  the location in Rebel Without a Cause. They fly between the stars.


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5032_the terminator_griffith observatory_1.jpg streetview_5032_18.jpg

Griffith Observatory The Terminator (1984)

The Terminator arrives in the present.


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2459_yes man_griffith observatory_4.jpg streetview_2459_18.jpg

Griffith Observatory Yes Man (2008)

Carl arrives for the class of Allison after a long night. But he’s full of energy because he drank a lot of Red Bull.


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2457_rebel without a cause_griffith observatory_3.jpg streetview_2457_18.jpg


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2706_gangster squad_griffith observatory_2.png streetview_2706_18.jpg

Griffith Observatory Gangster Squad (2013)

Jerry and Grace are happy it's all over and they can spend time together.


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5033_the terminator_griffith observatory_0.jpg streetview_5033_18.jpg

Griffith Observatory The Terminator (1984)

The Terminator arrives and he is looking for some clothes…


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2458_yes man_griffith observatory_5.png streetview_2458_18.jpg

Griffith Observatory Yes Man (2008)

Carl and Allison have a conversation about Allison’s boyfriend, also known as closed off little box boy.


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3114_01_The Searchers_Cave_01.png streetview_285_18.jpg

3200 Canyon Dr (cave) The Searchers (1956)

** spoiler alert ** When he finally finds her Ethan Edwards decides not to kill his niece Debbie. Instead he picks her up and says: "Let's go home, Debbie."


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5057_palm springs_the bronson caves_0.jpg streetview_5057_18.jpg

The Bronson Caves Palm Springs (2020)

** spoiler alert ** Sarah follows Nyles into the cave not knowing what awaits her.


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2735_a star is born_the greek theater_2.png streetview_2735_18.jpg

The Greek Theatre A Star Is Born (2018)

Jack convinces Ally to come on stage to sing the song 'Shallow' with him.


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3100_yesterday_eastwest studios_0.png streetview_3100_18.jpg

EastWest Studios Yesterday (2019)

Jack Malik is in the recording studio with Ed Sheeran who suggest him to change the lyrics of the song.


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165_01_BacktotheFuturePartII_GriffithParkTunnel_01.jpeg streetview_1288_18.jpg

Griffith Park Tunnel Back to the Future Part II (1989)

Marty McFly tries to escape on his hoverboard.


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856_01_WhoFramedRogerRabbit_GriffithParkTunnel_01.jpg streetview_638_18.jpg

Griffith Park Tunnel Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

Eddie Valiant drives through the tunnel entering Toontown.


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4272_the blues brothers_hollywood palladium (interior)_0.png streetview_4272_18.jpg

Hollywood Palladium (interior) The Blues Brothers (1980)

The band is back together and put up a great performance.


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3177_grease_kingswell avenue_0.jpg streetview_3177_18.jpg

Kingswell Avenue Grease (1978)

Frenchie invites Sandy over to her house for a slumber party.


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4613_modern times_katsuya hollywood_0.png streetview_4613_18.jpg

Katsuya Hollywood Modern Times (1936)

The Tramp emerges from a department store to bring the Gamin inside.


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3588_once upon a time in hollywood_capitol records building_0.png streetview_3588_18.jpg

Capitol Records Building Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood (2019)

Cliff sees Pussycat for the second time. She wants a ride but he is going somewhere else.


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3226_once upon a time in hollywood_vine theatre_0.jpg streetview_3226_18.jpg


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5018_the kominsky method_selma avenue_0.jpg streetview_5018_18.jpg

Selma Avenue The Kominsky Method (2018 - 2019)

Norman and Sandy arrive at Sandy’s acting studio.


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3257_once upon a time in hollywood_pacific cinerama dome_0.png streetview_3257_18.jpg


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4003_true romance_vista theatre_0.jpg streetview_4003_18.jpg

Vista Theatre True Romance (1993)

The cinema where the two first meet.


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339397_02_CaféSociety_VistaTheatre_01.png streetview_2132_18.jpg

Vista Theatre Café Society (2016)

Bobby and Vonnie went to the movies to see The Woman in Red with Barbara Stanwyck


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5043_westworld_tao los angeles_0.jpg streetview_5043_18.jpg

TAO Los Angeles Westworld (2016 - 2020)

** spoiler alert ** Sato gets a call from Charlotte telling him there is someone who wants to see him. Just as he wants to leave the building Clementine and Hanaryo are waiting for him.