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© Columbia Pictures, Heyday Films, Bona Film Group
3765_once upon a time in hollywood_alta view dr studio city_0.jpg streetview_3765_18.jpg

Alta View Dr Studio City Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood (2019)

Rick Dalton is learning his lines in the pool at his house.


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© Shamley Productions
2445_psycho_bates motel_1.jpg streetview_2445_18.jpg

Bates Motel Psycho (1960)

Norman Bates welcomes Marion Crane in his motel.


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© Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment
165_03_BacktotheFuturePartII_CourthouseSquare_01.jpg streetview_2102_18.jpg


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105_01_BacktotheFuture_CourthouseSquare_01.jpeg streetview_1533_18.jpg


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© Paramount, DreamWorks Pictures, Cruise/Wagner Productions, Amblin Entertainment
2249_war of the worlds_universal studios_1.jpg streetview_2249_18.jpg

Universal Studios War of the Worlds (2005)

Ray Ferrier and his kids exit the house looking with disbelief what has happened outside.


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© Shamley Productions
2444_psycho_psycho house_1.jpg streetview_2444_18.jpg

Psycho House Psycho (1960)

The house of Norman Bates and his mother.


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© Warner Bros. Television, Chuck Lorre Productions
5346_the kominsky method_woodrow wilson drive_0.jpg streetview_5346_18.jpg

Woodrow Wilson Drive The Kominsky Method (2018 - 2021)

Sandy arrives at home only to find Phoeby and Robby there with a lot of presents. They hope he will give them more money from Norman's heritage.


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© 20th Century Fox Television, Carter Bays
1100_03_HowIMetYourMother_Church_01.jpg streetview_1981_18.jpg

First Christian Church Of North Hollywood How I Met Your Mother (2005 - 2014)

The exterior of the church where Barney and Robin tied the knot.


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© Warner Bros. Pictures, Smoke House Pictures, GK Films
68734_01_Argo_Smokehouse_01.jpg streetview_1857_18.jpg

Smoke House restaurant Argo (2012)

Tony Mendez and Hollywood makeup artist John Chambers meet and discuss the secret plan.


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© Summit Entertainment, Lionsgate, Marc Platt Productions, Gilbert Films, Black Label Media, Impostor Pictures
313369_12_LaLaLand_SmokeHouseRestaurant_01.jpg streetview_1131_18.jpg

Smoke House Restaurant La La Land (2016)

The restaurant where Sebastian plays Christmas tunes.


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© Warner Bros. Television, Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions
1668_02_Friends_WarnerBrosStudio_01.jpg streetview_1316_18.jpg

Warner Bros. Studio Friends (1994 - 2004)

The interior of the Central Perk coffeeshop


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© Warner Bros. Television, Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions
1668_05_Friends_WarnerBrosStudio_01.jpg streetview_513_18.jpg

Warner Bros. Studio Friends (1994 - 2004)

The Guys Walking to the Hockey Game not thinking about Ross first time with Carol.


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© Warner Bros. Television, Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions
1668_06_Friends_WarnerBrosStudio_01.jpg streetview_568_18.jpg

Warner Bros. Studio Friends (1994 - 2004)

Ross and Rachel are looking for the monkey Marcel.


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© Warner Bros. Television, Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions
1668_04_Friends_WarnerBrosStudio_01.jpg streetview_982_18.jpg

Warner Bros. Studio Friends (1994 - 2004)

Phoebe Giving The Homeless Woman $1000.00 and A Football Phone.


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4586_10_GilmoreGirls_Theater_01.png streetview_1570_18.jpg

Warner Bros Theater Gilmore Girls (2000 - 2007)

The exterior of the Pastorela Theater where the Bangles have their concert.


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© Gracie Films, 20th Century Fox
2627_say anything_west magnolia boulevard_1.jpg streetview_2627_18.jpg

West Magnolia Boulevard Say Anything... (1989)

Lloyd plays the Peter Gabriel song In Your Eyes on a boombox under Diana’s bedroom window. The song has a special meaning for the two.


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4586_05_GilmoreGirls_Street_01.png streetview_737_18.jpg

3400 W Riverside Drive Gilmore Girls (2000 - 2007)

Lory and Lane walking through the street to Lane's house.


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4586_09_GilmoreGirls_Gazebo_01.png streetview_823_18.jpg

3400 W Riverside Drive (gazebo) Gilmore Girls (2000 - 2007)

Rory and Dean leaving the gazebo and walk through Stars Hallow towards Miss Patty's.


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© Gracie Films, 20th Century Fox
2628_say anything_7-eleven_2.jpg streetview_2628_18.jpg

7-Eleven Say Anything... (1989)

Loyd and Diana leave the 7-Eleven and walk across the parking lot.


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© Warner Bros. Television, Jerry Weintraub Productions, Bad Robot, Kilter Films
6329_westworld_warner bros backlot - hennesy street_1.jpg streetview_6329_18.jpg


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© Marvel Studios
4910_wandavision_warner bros. ranche facilities_0.jpg streetview_4910_18.jpg

Warner Bros. Ranche Facilities WandaVision (2021 - 2021)

Wanda finds something strange in her front lawn: a red helicopter. It does not make sense in the black and white world she is living in…


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© Compass International Pictures, Falcon International Productions
2607_halloween_1537 n. orange grove avenue (house)_4.png streetview_2607_18.jpg

1537 N. Orange Grove Avenue (house) Halloween (1978)

Annie arrives at the Wallace house to babysit when Michael Myers is watching her.


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© Saturn Films, Burr! Productions
6286_the unbearable weight of massive talent_chateau marmont_0.jpg streetview_6286_18.jpg

Chateau Marmont The Unbearable Weight of Massiv... (2022)

Nick is having lunch with the director in whose movie he hopes to star. He shows him his talent.


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© American Zoetrope, Tohokushinsha Film Corporation, Pathé Distribution, Focus Features
5429_somewhere_hotel chateau marmont_0.jpg streetview_5429_18.jpg

Hotel Chateau Marmont Somewhere (2010)

Johnny and his daughter Cleo are sunbathing by the pool at the hotel.