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4516_mank_kemper campbell ranch_0.jpeg streetview_4516_18.jpg

Kemper Campbell Ranch Mank (2020)

Herman Mankiewicz arrives at the Kemper Ranch.


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3264_us_lake gregory_1.jpg streetview_3264_18.jpg

Lake Gregory Us (2019)

The family is watching how daddy is amusing himself with the speed boat.


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393_01_KillBillVol2_CalvaryBaptistChurch_01.png streetview_1415_18.jpg

Calvary Baptist Church Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

Bill and his gang want to kill The Bride, the day before her marriage.


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5056_palm springs_blaney ranch_0.jpg streetview_5056_18.jpg

Blaney Ranch Palm Springs (2020)

Sarah is desperately looking fo a way out. Nyles finally shows her the entrance to the cave.


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4395_space force_four aces movie ranch_0.png streetview_4395_18.jpg

Four Aces Movie Ranch Space Force (2020 - 2020)

Genral Mark Naird stops for full (and rocket pie) on his way to the secret base.