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2554_bumblebee_golden gate bridge view point_1.png streetview_2554_18.jpg

Golden Gate Bridge View Point Bumblebee (2018)

Charlie and Bumblee have become friends and are enjoying the view.


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© EON Productions, United Artists, Danjaq
707_03_ViewtoaKill_GoldenGate_01.png streetview_1771_18.jpg

Golden Gate Bridge A View to a Kill (1985)

Max Zorin thinks he can get rid of James Bond easily but ends up in a fight at great height.


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102899_02_Ant-Man_GoldenGate_01.png streetview_1009_18.jpg


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X-Men The Last Stand copyright 20th Century Fox 1.jpg streetview_1532_18.jpg

Golden Gate Bridge X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

Magneto uses his powers to relocate the Golden Gate Bridge and build a bridge with Alcatraz Island.


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61791_01_RiseofthePlanetoftheApes_GoldenGateBridge_01.jpg streetview_446_18.jpg

Golden Gate Bridge Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

Caesar and the other apes fight for their freedom.


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3247_venom_marin headlands_0.png streetview_3247_18.jpg

Marin Headlands Venom (2018)

The headquarters of the bio-engineering corporation Life Foundation.


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426_01_Vertigo_House_FordPointatGoldenGateBridge_01.jpg streetview_875_18.jpg

Ford Point at Golden Gate Bridge Vertigo (1958)

Detective John Ferguson saves Madeleine Elster when she leaps into San Francisco Bay trying to commit suicide.


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102899_01_Ant-Man_GoldenGate_01.jpg streetview_2204_18.jpg


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3750_star trek iv_ the voyage home_marine drive_1.jpg streetview_3750_18.jpg


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3118_playing it cool_long avenue - golden gate bridge_0.png streetview_3118_18.jpg

Long Avenue - Golden Gate Bridge Playing It Cool (2014)

Me searching the city for heart sculptures to find the location of Her's wedding.


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Crissy Field East Beach Nine Months (1995)

The beach where Samuel Faulkner tells his girlfriend Rebecca Taylor he loves the stability they're having.


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© Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Hollywood Pictures
9802_02_TheRock_PalaceofFineArtsTheatre_01.jpg streetview_2088_18.jpg

Palace of Fine Arts Theatre The Rock (1996)

John Mason escapes custody and makes contact with his daughter. They meet at The Palace of Fine Arts. Stanley Goodspeed gives Mason the opportunity to talk to his daughter but then takes him into custody again.


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© Hello Sunshine, West Picture Co., Apple Studios
6312_surface_the palace of fine arts_0.png streetview_6312_18.jpg

The Palace Of Fine Arts Surface (2022 - 2022)

There is no description of this scene yet.


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426_08_Vertigo_House_PalaceofFineArtsTheatre_01.jpg streetview_174_18.jpg

Palace of Fine Arts Theatre Vertigo (1958)

John Ferguson and Judy Barton spend some time together. They walk past the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre.


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6044_venom let there be carnage_palace of fine arts - park_0.jpg streetview_6044_18.jpg

Palace of Fine Arts - Park Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021)

Eddie is talking to Venom’s liberated pet chickens, Sonny and Cher.


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© Carolco Pictures, Canal+
basicinstinct02.jpg streetview_1520_18.jpg

2930 Vallejo St (house) Basic Instinct (1992)

Nick Curran and Gus Moran visit the house of Catherine Tramell in the city.


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2301_escape from alcatraz_angel island_2.png streetview_2301_18.jpg

Angel Island Escape from Alcatraz (1979)

The warden finds a part of the raft and a flower from Alcatraz Island.


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© Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Hollywood Pictures
9802_01_TheRock_Alcatraz_01.png streetview_872_18.jpg

Alcatraz The Rock (1996)

** spoiler alert ** Stanley Goodspeed saves the day, but he himself is rescued by Mason. Goodspeed rewards him by letting him go and telling his boss that Mason has died. Mason gives Stanley a note telling him to forget Maui and go to Kansas instead.


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10734_01_EscapeFromAlcatraz_Alcatraz_01.jpg streetview_943_18.jpg

Alcatraz Escape from Alcatraz (1979)

Frank Morris en Charlie Butts discuss the best way to escape from Alcatraz.


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2553_bumblebee_rodeo beach_2.png streetview_2553_18.jpg

Rodeo Beach Bumblebee (2018)

Charlie and Bumblee are spending some time together on the beach.


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5887_bullit_vallejo street_0.jpg streetview_5887_18.jpg

Vallejo Street Bullitt (1968)

Senator Walters Chalmers and Frank Bullitt.


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3528_escape from alcatraz_alcatraz - dining hall_0.png streetview_3528_18.jpg


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426_05_Vertigo_House_CaliforniaPalaceoftheLegionofHonor_01.jpg streetview_235_18.jpg

The Legion of Honor Vertigo (1958)

John Ferguson follows Madeleine Elster to the museum.


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© Paramount, Alfred J. Hitchcock Productions
426_06_Vertigo_House_CaliforniaPalaceoftheLegionofHonor_01.jpg streetview_602_18.jpg

California Palace of the Legion of Honor Vertigo (1958)

Madelieine Elster looks at the painting of Charlotta Valdes while John Ferguson is watching her.