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46952_01_TheBlacklist_FortWadsworth_01.jpg streetview_60_18.jpg

Fort Wadsworth The Blacklist (2013 - 2022)

The shoot out between the FBI and the Russian mafia.


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Saturday Night Fever copyright Paramount 2.jpg streetview_1526_18.jpg


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4957_the king of staten island_rose bank pizza_0.jpg streetview_4957_18.jpg

Rose Bank Pizza The King of Staten Island (2020)

Kelsey leaves Scott at the pizza place after an argument because he did not invite her to a party.


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Saturday Night Fever copyright Paramount 4.png streetview_698_18.jpg


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2921_john wick_ chapter 3 - parabellum_86th street, brooklyn_0.jpg streetview_2921_18.jpg

86th Street, Brooklyn John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabell... (2019)

John Wick is being chased. He tries to escape by horse.


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Saturday Night Fever copyright Paramount.jpg streetview_2207_18.jpg

Odyssey Disco (Closed) Saturday Night Fever (1977)

The disco where dancing Tony is a living legend.


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3545_saturday night fever_lenny's pizza_1.jpg streetview_3545_18.jpg

Lenny's Pizza Saturday Night Fever (1977)

Tony gets a piece of pizza from Lenny's Pizza.


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1424_02_Orangeisthenewblack_BrooklynArmyTerminal_01.jpg streetview_2115_18.jpg

Brooklyn Army Terminal Orange Is the New Black (2013 - 2019)

A Flashback to Red's life in Russia when she works in a spindle factory.


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5924_the departed_irish haven_1.jpg streetview_5924_18.jpg

Irish Haven The Departed (2006)

Billy has to prove to Costello that he can be trusted.


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3679_joker_the brooklyn army terminal_0.jpeg streetview_3679_18.jpg

The Brooklyn Army Terminal Joker (2019)

** spoiler alert ** Arthur Fleck is on his way to the hospital to find out the truth about his mother.


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The King of Staten Island copyright Universal 3.jpg streetview_4226_18.jpg

Staten Island Ferry The King of Staten Island (2020)

Scott and Kelsey are on the States Island Ferry.


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4263_the king of staten island_staten island yankees stadium_1.png streetview_4263_18.jpg

Staten Island Yankees Stadium The King of Staten Island (2020)

Ray takes Scott with him to a baseball game. Scott meets Ray’s colleagues and tells them he thinks fireman should not have kids.


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238_04_TheGodfather_House_01.jpg streetview_171_18.jpg


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193610_02_TheOtherWoman_MonkeyBar_01.jpg streetview_1803_18.jpg

The Monkey Bar The Other Woman (2014)

Carly meets with her dad in a bar.


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3158_two weeks notice_ford amphitheater at coney island boardwalk _ kitchen 21_1.jpg streetview_3158_18.jpg


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2447_the warriors_coney island_1.jpg streetview_2447_18.jpg

Coney Island The Warriors (1979)

** spoiler alert ** The members of the gang make it back home safe, so they think...


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167073_01_Brooklyn_ConeyIslandBoardwalk_01.jpg streetview_69_18.jpg

Coney Island Boardwalk Brooklyn (2015)

Ellis and her American friend Tony have a great time while visiting Coney Island.


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3769_mr. robot_coney island - eldorado arcade_0.jpg streetview_3769_18.jpg

Coney Island - Eldorado Arcade Mr. Robot (2015 - 2019)

The arcade where Fsociety plans to change the world.


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2479_the girl on the train_green-wood cemetery_1.png streetview_2479_18.jpg

Green-Wood Cemetery The Girl on the Train (2016)

Rachel visits the graveyard to honor the one that died.


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3772_mr. robot_coney island - public restrooms_0.jpg streetview_3772_18.jpg

Coney Island - Public Restrooms Mr. Robot (2015 - 2019)

Elliot and Mr. Robot have a defining conversation that does not end well.


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6003_the marvelous mrs. maisel_coney island - wonder wheel_4.jpg streetview_6003_18.jpg

Coney Island - Wonder Wheel The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017 - 2022)

On her son’s ‘fake birthday’ at the Wonder Wheel Midge tries to explain what happened. The whole family had something to say about the situation while riding the wheel.


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3274_spider-man_ homecoming_the cyclone roller coaster - coney island_0.png streetview_3274_18.jpg

The Cyclone Roller Coaster - Coney Island Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Peter Parker has climbed the Cyclone at Coney Island after his fight with Vulture.


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641_01_RequiemforaDream_PieratConeyIsland_01.jpg streetview_1400_18.jpg

Pier at Coney Island Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Harry Goldfarb dreams about Marion Silver who is standing at the end of the pier.


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5756_marry me_coney island_0.png streetview_5756_18.jpg

Coney Island - Wonder Wheel Marry Me (2022)

Kat surprises Charlie by taking him to the fair.


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2736_the wiz_the cyclone roller coaster coney island_6.jpg streetview_2736_18.jpg