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4806_finding ohana_domino park - williamsburg bridge_0.jpg streetview_4806_18.jpg

Domino Park - Williamsburg Bridge Finding 'Ohana (2021)

Pili and Yoli are playing a game of treasure hunting.


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3876_10 things we should do before we break up_marcy avenue station_0.png streetview_3876_18.jpg

Marcy Avenue station 10 Things We Should Do Before W... (2020)

Abigail, Ben, Wallace and Luke are waiting for the train.


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Men in Black International copyright Sony4.jpeg streetview_2827_18.jpg

The Archway Under Manhattan Bridge Men in Black: International (2019)

Agent M has a strange experience she can not understand.


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177_05_TheFisherKing_ManhattanBridgeArchwayPlaza_01.jpg streetview_1676_18.jpg

Manhattan Bridge Archway Plaza The Fisher King (1991)

Jack Lucas tries to find out where Parry lives.


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5124_high fidelity_manhattan bridge_0.jpg streetview_5124_18.jpg

Manhattan Bridge High Fidelity (2020 - 2020)

After the party Rob is walking home. She is listening to some music when she gets a phone call from Mac.


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1395_08_GossipGirl_Loft_01.jpg streetview_927_18.jpg


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177_07_TheFisherKing_MainStreetPark_01.jpg streetview_1862_18.jpg

Main Street Park The Fisher King (1991)

** spoiler alert ** Depressed, angry and very drunk, Jack decides to commit suicide by jumping in the river. But he is attacked and saved by Perry.


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2654_jessica jones_manhattan bridge_1.jpg streetview_2654_18.jpg

Manhattan Bridge Marvel's Jessica Jones (2015 - 2019)

Jessica climbs the Manhattan Bridge to take one last look at the city.


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311_01_OnceUponaTimeinAmerica_ManhattanBridge_01.png streetview_1148_18.jpg

Manhattan Bridge Once Upon a Time in America (1984)

The young gangsters walk the streets and pass the Manhattan Bridge.


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177_10_TheFisherKing_MainStreetPark_01.jpg streetview_1453_18.jpg

Main Street Park The Fisher King (1991)

** spoiler alert ** Afraid of by the Red Knight that still haunts him Perry is attacked in the park near the bridge.


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3790_blue valentine_manhattan bridge_0.jpg streetview_3790_18.jpg

Manhattan Bridge Blue Valentine (2010)

Cindy and Dean are having a fight.


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4807_finding ohana_washington street_0.jpg streetview_4807_18.jpg

Washington Street Finding 'Ohana (2021)

Pili and Yoli are playing a game of treasure hunting. They want to be at the location of the next clue first.


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3547_scent of a woman_plymouth street_1.jpg streetview_3547_18.jpg

Plymouth Street Scent of a Woman (1992)

Charlie and the lieutenant are stopped by the police.


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75656_04_NowYouSeeMe_PebbleBeach_01.png streetview_175_18.jpg

Pebble Beach Now You See Me (2013)

Jack Wilder discovers the mysterious card he is given.


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l-4491_the boys in the band_manhattan bridge_0.jpg streetview_4491_18.jpg


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64685_03_ExtremelyLoudandIncrediblyClose_ManhattanBridge_01.png streetview_198_18.jpg

Manhattan Bridge Pedestrian Path Extremely Loud & Incredibly Clo... (2011)

Oskar Schell is crossing the Manhattan Bridge Pedestrian Path and remembers the story his father told him about the swings in Central Park.


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4671_coming to america 2_s 5th street_1.jpg streetview_4671_18.jpg

S 5th Street Coming 2 America (2021)

Prince Akeem and Semmi return to the barber shop after a long time. The men in the shop still have not lost their sense of humor.


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4670_coming to america_s 5th street_0.jpg streetview_4670_18.jpg

S 5th Street Coming to America (1988)

Prince Akeem is coming back to the barber shop asking for a different hair cut.


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4899_coming 2 america_s 5th street_2.jpg streetview_4899_18.jpg

S 5th Street Coming 2 America (2021)

Akeem and Semmi are back in New York. A lot has changed, but some things stay the same.


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3498_coming to america_392 392 s 5th street (balcony)_0.jpg streetview_3498_18.jpg


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3497_coming to america_392 392 s 5th street (apartment building)_0.jpg streetview_3497_18.jpg

392 S 5th Street (apartment building) Coming to America (1988)

Prince Akeem and Semmi arrive at their new home in America.


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3770_mr. robot_broadway_0.jpg streetview_3770_18.jpg

Broadway Mr. Robot (2015 - 2019)

Shayla and Elliot meet at the stairs to Elliot Anderson’s apartment.


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4564_18_SexandtheCity_JuniorsRestaurant_01.jpg streetview_536_18.jpg

Junior's Restaurant & Bakery Sex and the City (2008)

** spoiler alert ** The dinner after Carrie and Mr Bigs wedding.


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CollateralBeauty StAnnaWarehouse 2.jpg streetview_1342_18.jpg

St. Ann's Warehouse Collateral Beauty (2016)

Amy Moore and Whit Yardsham meet in front of the theatre where Amy is practising for another play.