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Pier 16 Splash (1984)

Allen helps Madison get away. She dives in the East River.


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2499_i am legend_e river bikeway_4.jpg streetview_2499_18.jpg

E River Bikeway near The Brooklyn Bridge I Am Legend (2007)

Robert Neville goes to the same place every day hoping that someone will hear his message and find him.


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© Tall Girls Productions, ABC Studios, Marvel Television
2655_jessica jones_front street_4.png streetview_2655_18.jpg

Front Street Marvel's Jessica Jones (2015 - 2019)

Jessica wants to kill herself by jumping of the building when she is under control of Kilgrave. She sees a dreamy image of herself jumping down and landing on the white horse on the street below.


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© Universal Television, Mount Moriah, Pico Creek Productions
4979_new amsterdam_brooklyn bridge_0.png streetview_4979_18.jpg

Brooklyn Bridge New Amsterdam (2018 - 2023)

Dr. Goodwin runs across the Brooklyn bridge ons his way to the hospital (opening sequence).


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© Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
31513_02_OntheTown_TheBrooklynBridge_01.jpg streetview_2093_18.jpg

The Brooklyn Bridge On the Town (1949)

Gabey, Chip and Ozzie sing New York New York during their high speed trip through NYC.


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© Walt Disney Pictures, Josephson Entertainment, Andalasia Productions, Right Coast
4523_01_Enchanted_TheBrooklynBridge_01.jpeg streetview_878_18.jpg

The Brooklyn Bridge Enchanted (2007)

Finally Prins Edward has found his Giselle in New York. They walk the Brooklyn Bridge when Giselle asks him if they can go to the ball before they leave.


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© Darren Star Productions, New Line Cinema, HBO
4564_15_SexandtheCity_BrooklynBridge_01.jpg streetview_603_18.jpg

Brooklyn Bridge Sex and the City (2008)

** spoiler alert ** Miranda meets Steve at the Brooklyn Bridge.


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2232_john wick chapter 2_beaver building_1.jpeg streetview_2232_18.jpg

Beaver Building John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

John Wick is back at the Continental hotel. This time he brings his dog.


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John Wick 01.jpg streetview_1205_18.jpg

Beaver Building John Wick (2014)

John Walks arrives at the entrance of the Continental hotel.


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41823_01_Mo'BetterBlues_TheBrooklynBridge_01.jpg streetview_777_18.jpg

The Brooklyn Bridge Mo' Better Blues (1990)

Bleek Gilliam plays his trompet on the Brooklyn Bridge.


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© ITC Entertainment, Keith Barish Productions, Universal Pictures
15764_02_Sophie'sChoice_TheBrooklynBridge_01.png streetview_1008_18.jpg

The Brooklyn Bridge Sophie's Choice (1982)

Nathan, Sophie and Stingo walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Then Nathan pops a bottle of champagne, climbs a lamp post and honors Stingo's writing skills. He welcomes him to the pantheon of the gods.


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4733_the post_down town association_2.jpg streetview_4733_18.jpg

Down Town Association The Post (2017)

Ben Bradlee and Kay Graham are having breakfast to discuss work issues.


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75656_03_NowYouSeeMe_Ferry_01.png streetview_279_18.jpg

Brooklyn Bridge Park / DUMBO Terminal - East River Ferry Now You See Me (2013)

Jack Wilder gets caught doing a trick on the East River Ferry. Or not?


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© ITC Entertainment, Keith Barish Productions, Universal Pictures
15764_03_Sophie'sChoice_TheBrooklynBridge_01.png streetview_1702_18.jpg

The Brooklyn Bridge Sophie's Choice (1982)

At the end of the movies, at dawn, Stingo leaves Brooklyn and crosses the bridge remembering Sophie and Nathan. It's "only morning; excellent and fair."


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38050_01_TheAdjustmentBureau_BrooklynBridgePier_01.jpg streetview_1291_18.jpg

Brooklyn Bridge Pier The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

David Norris is giving an election speech.


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John-Wick-2_st_1_jpg_sd-high.jpg streetview_1813_18.jpg

The Brooklyn Bridge John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

After his house is attacked John Wick walks to the Continental hotel.


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3164_two weeks notice_brooklyn bridge park _ pier 1_0.jpg streetview_3164_18.jpg


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2492_the thomas crown affair_manhattan helicopters_3.jpg streetview_2492_18.jpg

Manhattan Helicopters The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

** spoiler alert ** Catherine Banning runs to catch up with Thomas Crown on the helicopter platform. He has already left, but someone else is waiting for her.


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3157_two weeks notice_new york vietnam veterans memorial plaza_0.jpg streetview_3157_18.jpg

New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza Two Weeks Notice (2002)

Lucy tries to talk some sense into George Wade in front of the Wade office building.


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© A24, Be Funny When You Can
6118_c’mon c’mon_south street_0.jpg streetview_6118_18.jpg

South Street C'mon C'mon (2021)

Johnny and Jesse are walking the street of New York.


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© Cinergi Pictures Entertainment, 20th Century Fox
1572_07_DieHard3_ Federal Reserve Bank of New York_01.jpg streetview_1816_18.jpg

Federal Reserve Bank of New York Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995)

** spoiler alert ** Real plan of the terrorists was to rob the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.


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© Syncopy, Legendary Pictures, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures
49026_05_TheDarkKnightRises_WallStreet_01.jpg streetview_2179_18.jpg

Wall Street - road The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The fight between Bane's men and the police begins.


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6869_your place or mine_everit street_1.jpg streetview_6869_18.jpg


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49026_06_TheDarkKnightRises_WallStreet_01.jpg streetview_2024_18.jpg

Wall Street The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The fight between Bane's men and the police is also the fight between Bane and Batman.


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7208_the fisher king_rose street_0.jpg streetview_7208_18.jpg

Rose Street The Fisher King (1991)

Parry takes Lydia out for dinner. Jack and Anne go with them to make sure everything goes as planned.