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177_08_TheFisherKing_SandwichHouse_01.png streetview_530_18.jpg

Sandwich House The Fisher King (1991)

Three years after he lost his job Jack Lucas works in a video store. He lives with Anne Napolitano who owns the video store. Jack is depressed.


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4981_new amsterdam_city hall park path_0.png streetview_4981_18.jpg

City Hall Park Path New Amsterdam (2018 - 2021)

Dr. Goodwin runs through the city to the hospital.


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4783_the king of staten island_manhattan municipal building_0.jpg streetview_4783_18.jpg

Manhattan Municipal Building The King of Staten Island (2020)

Scott just dropped off Kelsey for her job interview. He has some time to spend.


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4709_john wick_the surrogate's court_0.png streetview_4709_18.jpg

The Surrogate's Court John Wick (2014)

John Wick arrives at the Red Circle Club.


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3342_shaft_foley square - metro station_0.png streetview_3342_18.jpg

Foley Square - Metro Station Shaft (2019)

John Shaft Jr. exits the metro station.


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3041_shaft_thomas paine park - triumph of the human spirit_1.png streetview_3041_18.jpg


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18240_01_TheProposal_26FederalPlaza_01.jpg streetview_2028_18.jpg

26 Federal Plaza The Proposal (2009)

Margret proposes to Andrew in the middle of the street


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168672_06_AmericanHustle_26FederalPlaza_02.jpg streetview_341_18.jpg

26 Federal Plaza American Hustle (2013)

DiMasio and Sydney go to meet mayor Carmine Polito.


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1572_07_DieHard3_ Federal Reserve Bank of New York_01.jpg streetview_1816_18.jpg

Federal Reserve Bank of New York Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995)

** spoiler alert ** Real plan of the terrorists was to rob the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.


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2400_the other woman_thomas paine park at foley square_1.jpg streetview_2400_18.jpg


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3336_the godfather_new york county courthouse_3.jpg streetview_3336_18.jpg

New York County Courthouse The Godfather (1972)

Emilio Barzini is killed by Al Neri who is disguised as a police officer.


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3490_the kitchen_new york county supreme court_0.png streetview_3490_18.jpg

New York County Supreme Court The Kitchen (2019)

Claire, Kathy and Ruby outside the courthouse.


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4524_inheritance_new york county supreme court_0.png streetview_4524_18.jpg

New York County Supreme Court Inheritance (2020)

Lauren Monroe on her way to the courthouse.


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2653_jessica jones_new york county supreme court_1.jpg streetview_2653_18.jpg

New York County Supreme Court Marvel's Jessica Jones (2015 - 2019)

Jessica tells Jeri she needs a lawyer because she wants to go to prison. That is the only way she thinks she can catch Kilgrave.


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2401_what happens in vegas_new york county supreme court_3.png streetview_2401_18.jpg

New York County Supreme Court What Happens in Vegas (2008)

Joy and Jack arguing in front of the courthouse after the judge sentenced them to six months marriage.


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3035_the sun is also a star_zucotti park - joy of life_0.png streetview_3035_18.jpg


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4566_motherless brooklyn_new york county supreme court - rotunda_4.jpg streetview_4566_18.jpg

New York County Supreme Court - Rotunda Motherless Brooklyn (2019)

Moses Randolph is sworn in by the mayor. Gabby Horowitz can not believe what she is seeing.


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6075_01_CarlitosWay_Court_01.png streetview_705_18.jpg


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8390_05_DefinitelyMaybe_OdeonRestaurant_01.jpg streetview_1104_18.jpg


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2673_second act_one world trade center (aka freedom tower)_1.png streetview_2673_18.jpg

One World Trade Center (aka Freedom Tower) Second Act (2018)

Maya discovers that someone has given her a whole new identity on social media.


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2920_john wick_ chapter 3 - parabellum_liberty park_0.jpg streetview_2920_18.jpg

Liberty Park John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabell... (2019)

Bowery King and Winston meet to discuss the Wick-affair.


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4733_the post_down town association_2.jpg streetview_4733_18.jpg

Down Town Association The Post (2017)

Ben Bradlee and Kay Graham are having breakfast to discuss work issues.


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4100_american psycho_wall street - federal hall_0.jpg streetview_4100_18.jpg


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49026_06_TheDarkKnightRises_WallStreet_01.jpg streetview_2024_18.jpg

Wall Street The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The fight between Bane's men and the police is also the fight between Bane and Batman.


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49026_01_TheDarkKnightRises_HouseofMorgan_01.PNG streetview_695_18.jpg

House of Morgan The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

** spoiler alert ** Bane robs the New York Stock Exchange while the police is waiting for him and still gets away with it.