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2741_home alone 2_empire diner_1.jpg streetview_2741_18.jpg

Empire Diner Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

Kevin is doing a site seeing tour all by himself in New York.


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46952_10_TheBlacklist_ChelseaPiers_01.jpg streetview_1157_18.jpg


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4564_10_SexandtheCity_Buddakan_01.jpg streetview_1845_18.jpg

Buddakan Sex and the City (2008)

The engagement dinner of Carrie and Mr Big.


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3114_if beale street could talk_el quijote (closed)_0.png streetview_3114_18.jpg


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168672_04_AmericanHustle_ChelseaHotel_01.jpg streetview_288_18.jpg

Hotel Chelsea American Hustle (2013)

Irving and Sydney stay at legendary Chelsea Hotel in New York.


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© Gaumont, Les Films du Dauphin, Columbia Pictures
Leon 1.jpg streetview_1320_18.jpg

Hotel Chelsea Léon: The Professional (1994)

Léon and Mathilda meet for the first time in the hallway of the building they both live in.


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4564_07_SexandtheCity_DianeVonFurstenberg_01.jpg streetview_1909_18.jpg


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5552_spider-man_ no way home_penn station - west 33rd street - subway entrance_1.jpg streetview_5552_18.jpg


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4503_on the rocks_soho house new york_0.jpg streetview_4503_18.jpg

Soho House New York On the Rocks (2020)

Felix and Laura are on a stake-out in the not so suspicious red convertible. They are watching Dean who told Laura he was going out with some colleagues.


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5750_marry me_madison square garden_0.png streetview_5750_18.jpg

Madison Square Garden Marry Me (2022)

Kat joins Bastian on stage at his concert.


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5753_marry me_manhattan center - hammerstein ballroom_2.png streetview_5753_18.jpg

Manhattan Center - Hammerstein Ballroom Marry Me (2022)

Kat says 'yes' to Charlies request on the board.


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5752_marry me_the new yorker hotel - manhattan center_2.png streetview_5752_18.jpg


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5223_here today_meatpacking district - little w 12 street_2.jpg streetview_5223_18.jpg

Meatpacking District - Little W 12 Street Here Today (2021)

Charlie and Emma are having a good time. Emma decides to let it all go and sing.


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2864_you've got mail_115 7th avenue (store)_1.jpg streetview_2864_18.jpg

115 7th Avenue (store) You've Got Mail (1998)

The grand opening of the Fox & Sons Bookstore.


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5674-andjustlikethat-02.png streetview_5674_18.jpg


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Schermafbeelding 2020-04-20 om 22.24.14.png streetview_3950_18.jpg

Gray's Papaya Ocean's Eight (2018)

Debbie Ocean and Nine Ball listen to the bugged emegercy meeting at McCallister Security


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© Darren Star Productions, HBO
105_03_Sexandthecity_MagnoliaBakery_01.jpg streetview_1693_18.jpg

Magnolia Bakery Sex and the City (1998 - 2004)

Carrie and Miranda eating the cakes of Magnolia Bakery while discussing Carrie's crush on Aidan.


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© Lionsgate Television, Tilted Productions
1424_03_Orangeisthenewblack_PortAuthorityBusTerminal_01.jpg streetview_1622_18.jpg

Port Authority Bus Terminal Orange Is the New Black (2013 - 2019)

On the way back home from visiting Poussey's father CO BAyley is about to board on a bus but makes a last minute decision not to.


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5755_marry me_lucky strike manhattan_1.png streetview_5755_18.jpg

Lucky Strike Manhattan Marry Me (2022)

Kat's assistant films Kat and Charlie for a live stream on social media.


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105_01_Sexandthecity_House_01.jpg streetview_703_18.jpg


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4564_03_SexandtheCity_PerryStreet_01.jpg streetview_1575_18.jpg


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353491_01_TheDarkTower_FlatironBuilding_01.jpg streetview_911_18.jpg

Flatiron Building The Dark Tower (2017)

Walter arrives in New York to get his hands on Roland and Jake.


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© Universal Television
4978_new amsterdam_madison square park_1.png streetview_4978_18.jpg

Madison Square Park New Amsterdam (2018 - 2021)

Dr. Iggy Frome tries to convice the daughter of a former foster care mother to take in his patient.


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© Escape Artists, CBS Films
4961_the back-up plan_70 perry st (apartment)_0.jpg streetview_4961_18.jpg


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66 Perry Street And Just Like That… (2021 - )

Carrie is carried up the stairs of her apartment by a handsome delivery boy.