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2768_serendipity_bloomingdale's (flagship store)_1.png streetview_2768_18.jpg

Bloomingdale's (flagship store) Serendipity (2001)

Jonathan Trager meets Sara Thomas trying to buy the same pair of black cashmere gloves at Bloomingdale's.


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4564_02_SexandtheCity_5thAv_01.jpg streetview_1201_18.jpg


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1395_06_GossipGirl_DylansCandyBar_01.jpg streetview_321_18.jpg

Dylan's Candy Bar Gossip Girl (2007 - 2012)

Dan and Vanessa shop shop for a thoughtful anniversary gift for Nate.


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5754_marry me_252 e 57th street condominium_0.png streetview_5754_18.jpg

252 e 57th Street Condominium Marry Me (2022)

After their wedding, Kat and Charlie arrive at Kat's place.


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2280_01_Big_FAOSchwarz_01.jpg streetview_1143_18.jpg

FAO Schwarz (closed) Big (1988)

Josh and MacMillan play the floor piano at FAO Schwarz.


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2800_scrooged_seagram building_3.jpg streetview_2800_18.jpg

Seagram Building Scrooged (1988)

Eliot Loudermilk is fired by Frank Cross and thrown out on the street by security people.


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2280_02_Big_FAOSchwarz_01.jpg streetview_52_18.jpg


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3766_new year's eve_tiffany _ co store_0.jpg streetview_3766_18.jpg

Tiffany & Co Store New Year's Eve (2011)

Paul takes Ingrid on a 'Resolution Tour'.


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5676-And just like that-01.png streetview_5676_18.jpg

767 5th Avenue And Just Like That… (2021 - 2022)

Carrie and Miranda walk throught the city.


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Schermafbeelding 2021-03-03 om 21.15.15.png streetview_679_18.jpg

The St. Regis New York 5 to 7 (2014)

The young writer Brian Bloom begins an affair with an older French woman who has an open marriage.


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2322_new year's eve_tiffany _ co_1.jpg streetview_2322_18.jpg

Tiffany & Co New Year's Eve (2011)

Paul takes Ingrid on her 'resolution tour' to Tiffany & Co.


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Tiffany & Co The Blacklist (2013 - 2022)

Red Reddington calls agent Elizabeth Keen to bid her farewell.


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3953_ocean's 8_bergdorf goodman_3.png streetview_3953_18.jpg

Bergdorf Goodman Ocean's Eight (2018)

Debbie Ocean steals cosmetics from the store.


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164_01_BreakfastatTiffany's_Tiffany _ Co._01.png streetview_1677_18.jpg

Tiffany & Co. Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

It's still early. The streets are deserted. Holly Golightly eats her breakfast standing for the shop window of Tiffany & Co. at 5th Avenue.


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350_03_TheDevilWearsPrada_StRegisHotel_01.jpg streetview_1267_18.jpg

The St. Regis New York The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Andrea meets with Christian Thompson in a hotel bar for the Harry Potter script.


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4564_01_SexandtheCity_5thAv_01.jpg streetview_336_18.jpg


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4269_the goldfinch_park avenue_0.png streetview_4269_18.jpg

Park Avenue The Goldfinch (2019)

Theo has to say goodbye to the Barbour family because he is going with his father to Las Vegas.


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Leon 5.jpg streetview_1059_18.jpg


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21610_01_Nighthawks_RooseveltIslandTramway_01.jpg streetview_42_18.jpg

Roosevelt Island Tramway Nighthawks (1981)

The terrorist Wulfgar takes United Nations hostages as he boards the Roosevelt Island Tramway.


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10653_01_TheSevenYearItch_LexingtonAvenue_01.png streetview_1077_18.jpg

Lexington Avenue The Seven Year Itch (1955)

Richard Sherman and the blonde girl just went to the movies when the air from the subway lifts up he white dress.


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3027_if beale street could talk_bergdorf goodman_0.png streetview_3027_18.jpg


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2352_sex and the city 2_bergdorf goodman store_1.jpeg streetview_2352_18.jpg

Bergdorf Goodman Store Sex and the City 2 (2010)

Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samatha went shopping.


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4177_late night_575 lexington (office building)_0.jpg streetview_4177_18.jpg