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7303_02_MaidinManhattan_CentralPark_03.jpg streetview_2001_18.jpg

Central Park - The Mall Maid in Manhattan (2002)

Marisa walks with Christopher Marshall through Central Park, they stop to sit and talk on a bench.


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8390_07_DefinitelyMaybe_CentralPark_01.jpg streetview_26_18.jpg

Central Park - The Mall Definitely, Maybe (2008)

Maya finds out wich one of the ladies is her mother.


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2887_friends with benefits_central park - the mall_1.jpg streetview_2887_18.jpg

Central Park - The Mall Friends with Benefits (2011)

Dylan and Jamie see a guy staring at the trees in Central Park. Jamie starts to talk to him.


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2672_second act_central park - the mall_2.png streetview_2672_18.jpg


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3957_ocean's 8_central park - the mall_1.jpg streetview_3957_18.jpg

Central Park - The Mall Ocean's Eight (2018)

Veronica's rendez vous with Nine Ball.


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12102_02_KramervsKramer_TheMallinCentralPark_02.jpg streetview_1849_18.jpg

The Mall in Central Park Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)

Ted Kramer shows his son Billy how to ride a bike.


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4523_05_Enchanted_CentralPark_01.jpeg streetview_1173_18.jpg


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3611_the sound of silence_central park - naumburg bandshell_0.jpeg streetview_3611_18.jpg


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164_04_BreakfastAtTiffany_Naumburg Bandshell_01.jpg streetview_376_18.jpg

Central Park - Naumburg Bandshell Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

Doc Golightly tells Paul Varjak the true story about Holly.


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193610_04_TheOtherWoman_CentralPark_01.jpg streetview_1140_18.jpg

Central Park - The Mall The Other Woman (2014)

Carly, Kate and Amber walk through the park talking about Mark.


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8488_04_Hitch_TischChildrensZoo_01.jpg streetview_1850_18.jpg


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5629_a mouthful of air_central park - delacorte clock_0.jpg streetview_5629_18.jpg

Central Park - Delacorte Clock A Mouthful of Air (2021)

Julie has a breakdown in the park. Ethan tries to support her.


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4523_06_Enchanted_CentralPark_01.jpeg streetview_240_18.jpg

Central Park Enchanted (2007)

Giselle sings That's How You Know.


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3619_a rainy day in new york_delacorte clock_1.jpg streetview_3619_18.jpg

Delacorte Clock A Rainy Day in New York (2019)

Gatsby and Shannon meet each other at the Delacort Clock in Central Park.


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8390_08_DefinitelyMaybe_CentralParkTheZoo_01.jpg streetview_96_18.jpg


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5123_03_AugustRush_WollmanRinkinCentral Park_01.jpeg streetview_292_18.jpg

Wollman Rink in Central Park August Rush (2007)

August Rush is performing in Central Park.


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2578_serendipity_central park - wollman rink_1.jpg streetview_2578_18.jpg

Central Park - Wollman Rink Serendipity (2001)

** spoiler alert ** Jonathan and Sara meet again at the ice skating rink in Central Park.


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f-2080_wollman rink_61_1.jpg streetview_2080_18.jpg

Wollman Rink Molly's Game (2017)

While waiting for her attorney Molly decides to go skating.


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2740_home alone 2_wollman rink in central park_1.jpeg streetview_2740_18.jpg


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24428_01_TheAvengers_CentralParkBethesda Terrace_01.jpg streetview_1144_18.jpg

Central Park - Bethesda Terrace The Avengers (2012)

Thor brings back Loky and sends him back to Asgard. The avengers say goodbye.


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Schermafbeelding 2021-03-10 om 20.30.36.png streetview_2201_18.jpg

Central Park - Bethesda Arcade Begin Again (2013)

Dan, Gretta and the band are recording songs on the streets of New York illegally.


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1395_12_GossipGirl_CentralPark_01.jpg streetview_921_18.jpg


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AndJustLikeThat-25.jpg streetview_5677_18.jpg


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l-6138_the bold type_bethesda terrace_0.png streetview_6138_18.jpg

Bethesda Terrace The Bold Type (2017 - 2021)

Jane, Kat and Sutton discuss their lives while running in Central Park.


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5964_inventing anna_central park - driprock arch_2.png streetview_5964_18.jpg