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105_04_Sexandthecity_Boathouse_01.jpg streetview_1021_18.jpg

The Loeb Boathouse Sex and the City (1998 - 2004)

Carrie and Big meet for lunch and end up in the water.


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639_03_WhenHarryMetSally_The Loeb Boathouse_01.jpg streetview_1484_18.jpg

The Loeb Boathouse When Harry Met Sally... (1989)

Sally's having lunch with Mary and Alice at the Boathouse in Central Park.


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Schermafbeelding 2021-03-10 om 20.29.11.png streetview_2143_18.jpg

Turtle Lake Begin Again (2013)

Dan, Gretta and the band are recording songs on the streets of New York illegally.


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639_07_WhenHarryMetSally_Bethesda Terrace_01.jpg streetview_672_18.jpg


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10761_02_MadeofHonor_BethesdaFountain_01.jpg streetview_119_18.jpg


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5793_the gilded age_central park - bethesda terrace_1.jpg streetview_5793_18.jpg

Central Park - Bethesda Terrace The Gilded Age (2022 - 2022)

Marian meets Mr. Raikes in Central Park and asks him to help Mrs. Scott.


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3763_the report_central park - bethesda terrace_0.jpg streetview_3763_18.jpg

Central Park - Bethesda Terrace The Report (2019)

** spoiler alert ** Daniel Jones is having a meeting with FBI agent Ali Soufan who tells him about the interrogation tactics of the CIA.


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4523_09_Enchanted_BethesdaFountainCentralpark_01.jpeg streetview_1439_18.jpg


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1506936468-john-wick-chapter-2.jpg streetview_1478_18.jpg

Central Park - Bethesda Fountain John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

Winston tells John Wick he is going to be hunted.


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Ransom 19.17.19.png streetview_487_18.jpg

Central Park - Bethesda Terrace Ransom (1996)

Tom en Katherine Mullen's son suddenly disappears.


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IMG_9671.png streetview_1424_18.jpg

Central Park - Bethesda Terrace One Fine Day (1996)

Melanie Parker, Jack Taylor and their kids are having a wonderful time in the park.


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3529_delivery man_bethesda terrace_0.png streetview_3529_18.jpg

Bethesda terrace Delivery Man (2013)

David enjoys the performance of one of his children


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2721_isn’t it romantic_central park - bethesda fountain_4.jpg streetview_2721_18.jpg

Central Park - Bethesda Fountain Isn't It Romantic (2019)

Nathalie realizes she is stuck in a romantic comedy.


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l-6138_the bold type_bethesda terrace_0.png streetview_6138_18.jpg

Bethesda Terrace The Bold Type (2017 - 2021)

Jane, Kat and Sutton discuss their lives while running in Central Park.


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Café Society 1.jpg streetview_924_18.jpg

Central Park - Bow Bridge Café Society (2016)

Bobby and Vonnie have a great night in New York. Early next morning they confess they still have feelings for each other.


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4661_home alone 2_ lost in new york_bethesda terrace_1.png streetview_4661_18.jpg

Bethesda Terrace Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

Kevin runs away from Harry, Marv and the hotel staff.


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2886_friends with benefits_central park - bethesda terrace_1.jpg streetview_2886_18.jpg

Central Park - Bethesda Terrace Friends with Benefits (2011)

Jamie and Dylan talk about starting a relationship with someone new.


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2659_jessica jones_central park - bethesda fountain_3.jpg streetview_2659_18.jpg

Central Park - Bethesda Fountain Marvel's Jessica Jones (2015 - 2019)

Jessica is following a man who she thinks has an important clue about Kilgrave.


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AndJustLikeThat-25.jpg streetview_5677_18.jpg


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6119_c’mon c’mon_central park - bow bridge_0.jpg streetview_6119_18.jpg

Central Park - Bow Bridge C'mon C'mon (2021)

Johnny and Jesse just spoke to Viv on the phone. Jesse is upset about the situation as he and Johnny are walking through Central Park.


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64685_01_ExtremelyLoudandIncrediblyClose_CentralPakr_01.png streetview_1449_18.jpg

Central Park Extremely Loud & Incredibly Clo... (2011)

Thomas Schell tells his son Oskar that his mother brought him to the same swings. "If you don't try, you'll never know."


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5508_a journal for jordan_central park - bow bridge_3.jpg streetview_5508_18.jpg

Central Park - Bow Bridge A Journal for Jordan (2021)

Charles and Dana enjoy the view and each other in the park.


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Schermafbeelding 2021-03-10 om 20.30.36.png streetview_2201_18.jpg

Central Park - Bethesda Arcade Begin Again (2013)

Dan, Gretta and the band are recording songs on the streets of New York illegally.


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1395_12_GossipGirl_CentralPark_01.jpg streetview_921_18.jpg