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2662_second act_hell gate bridge_2.png streetview_2662_18.jpg

Hell Gate Bridge Second Act (2018)

Maya talks a break while jogging.


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3494_the french connection_central road - wards island_0.jpg streetview_3494_18.jpg

Central Road - Wards Island The French Connection (1971)

Jimmy Doyle and the NYPD have created an ambush.


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3731_modern love_carl schurz park - john finley walk_1.jpg streetview_3731_18.jpg


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5507_a journal for jordan_carl schurz park -john finley walk_1.jpg streetview_5507_18.jpg

Carl Schurz Park -John Finley Walk A Journal for Jordan (2021)

Dana and Charles enjoy their time together with their son.


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3960_the undoing_john finley walk_0.jpeg streetview_3960_18.jpg

John Finley Walk The Undoing (2020 - 2020)

Grace and Jonathan are walking in the park when Jonathan asks Grace why she was in the city.


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3744_modern love_carl schurz park_0.jpg streetview_3744_18.jpg

Carl Schurz Park Modern Love (2019 - 2021)

Peter tells Maddy what he feels about her.


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3931_motherless brooklyn_the robert moses building_0.jpeg streetview_3931_18.jpg


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2933_you_logos bookstore_0.png streetview_2933_18.jpg

Logos Bookstore You (2018 - 2021)

Mooney's, the bookstore where Joe Goldberg works.


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1725_01_WestSideStory_Park_Go_01.jpg streetview_979_18.jpg

E 109th Street West Side Story (1961)

The Jets and the Sharks have their first violent encounter on the basketball court.


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4876_the undoing_courtyard of the synod of bishops russian church_3.jpg streetview_4876_18.jpg

Courtyard of the Synod of Bishops Russian Church The Undoing (2020 - 2020)

Grace takes her son Henry to school and talks to the other mothers about the horrible event that has taken place. Grace sees the police officers and does not trust the situation.


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1400_02_Seinfeld_HHBagels_01.png streetview_1118_18.jpg


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4958_midnight cowboy_willis avenue bridge_0.jpg streetview_4958_18.jpg

Willis Avenue Bridge Midnight Cowboy (1969)

Joe Buck and Ratso Rizzo are walking across the bridge to visit the cemetery where Rizzo’s father is buried.


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177_01_TheFisherKing_HunterCollegeHighSchool_01.jpg streetview_2161_18.jpg

Hunter College High School The Fisher King (1991)

Parry tries to convince Jack Lucas that the Holy Grail is in the 'castle'.


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1395_05_GossipGirl_Museum_01.jpg streetview_1141_18.jpg


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4878_the undoing_brisbane house lobby_0.jpg streetview_4878_18.jpg

Brisbane House lobby The Undoing (2020 - 2020)

Detectives Joe Mendoza and Paul O’Rourke have some questions for Grace who is staying at her father’s place. She wants to cooperate so she goes with them to the police station even though her father advises her not to do that.


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Three Days of the Condor 2.jpg streetview_1990_18.jpg


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TheGirlontheTrain_05.png streetview_2315_18.jpg

Conservatory Garden in Central Park The Girl on the Train (2016)

Rachel draws the image of the cast as a reference to her own story. ’We are tied forever now, the three of us. Bound forever by the story we share.’


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Sotheby's Seinfeld (1989 - 1998)

J. Peterman has a habit of buying stuff from auctions at Sotheby's.


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2670_second act_northern boulevard_1.png streetview_2670_18.jpg

Northern Boulevard Second Act (2018)

Maya gets of the bus to go to work.


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2669_second act_food bazaar supermarket_1.png streetview_2669_18.jpg

Food Bazaar Supermarket Second Act (2018)

Maya walks across the parking lot to go to work.


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f-381_guggenheim museum_14_1.jpg streetview_381_18.jpg


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theintern32.jpg streetview_3527_18.jpg

130 E 80th Street (building) The Intern (2015)

Ben and Fiona go to a funeral at the Fairhill Funeral Home.


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Ransom 19.21.09.png streetview_860_18.jpg

1067 5th Ave (apartment) Ransom (1996)

The penthouse apartment of Tom Mullen.