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1894_01_StarWarsEpisodeIIAttackoftheClones_RoyalPalaceofCaserta_01.png streetview_1203_18.jpg

Royal Palace of Caserta Star Wars: Episode II - Attack ... (2002)

Queen Amidala walks the stairs in her palace on Naboo with Govenor Sio Bibble and her followers.


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5544_the hand of god_galleria umberto i_2.jpg streetview_5544_18.jpg

Galleria Umberto I The Hand of God (2021)

Fabietto is impressed by the filming which takes place in his hometown.


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6046_the hand of god_piazzetta matilde serao_0.jpg streetview_6046_18.jpg


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5543_the hand of god_the church of san francesco di paola_0.jpg streetview_5543_18.jpg


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2787_a casa tutti bene_terrazzo degli ulivi_3.jpg streetview_2787_18.jpg

Terrazzo degli Ulivi A casa tutti bene (2018)

The family has a photo opportunity while celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of Alba and Pietro.


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