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© France 3 Cinéma, CED Productions, Miramax
5226_trois couleurs_ bleu_palais de justice de paris_0.jpg streetview_5226_18.jpg

Palais de Justice de Paris Three Colors: Blue (1993)

Julie wants to meet the woman on the photos she did not know about.


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© Le Studio Canal+, France 3 Cinéma, Eurimages, Miramax
5237_trois couleurs_ blanc_palace of justice paris_0.jpg streetview_5237_18.jpg

Palace of Justice Paris Three Colors: White (1994)

Karol is looking for the court he has to report to because his wife wants a divorce. A bird shits on his shoulder as he is entering the building.


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© Gaumont
5409_lupin_pont notre-dame_0.jpg streetview_5409_18.jpg

Pont Notre-Dame Lupin (2021 - 2021)

Assan and Benjamin are watching the theatre from the bridge before the grand final.


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© Darren Star Productions, HBO
2282_sex and the city_kong_1.png streetview_2282_18.jpg

Kong Sex and the City (1998 - 2004)

Carrie’s having lunch with Juliette (Petrovsky’s ex).


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© Universal Pictures, Hypnotic, Kalima Productions, Stillking Films, The Kennedy/Marshall Company
461 Bourne Pont Neuf 14.png streetview_461_18.jpg

Pont Neuf The Bourne Identity (2002)

Bourne sets up a meeting with Treadstone Chief Alex Conklin on Pont Neuf. Bourne watches from the roof of the Samaritaine Building.


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5763_emily in paris_pont neuf_1.png streetview_5763_18.jpg


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l-6644_soof 3_place dauphine_0.png streetview_6644_18.jpg

Place Dauphine Soof 3 (2022)

Soof and Jim enjoy their time in Paris.


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© New Line Cinema, Sunswept Entertainment, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
2883_me before you_restaurant paul_1.jpg streetview_2883_18.jpg

Restaurant Paul Me Before You (2016)

Lou reads a letter from Will on a terrace in Paris.


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© Pontchartrain Productions, Gravier Productions, Mediapro, Versátil Cinema, TV3, Firstep, Imagina International Sales, Sony Pictures Classics
59436_04_MidnightinParis_Seine_01.jpg streetview_132_18.jpg

Seine Midnight in Paris (2011)

Gil walks the banks of the Seine near Pont Neuf.


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6172_mrs. harris goes to paris_ile de la cité - pont neuf_1.png streetview_6172_18.jpg


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5362_soof 3_ile de la cité - pont neuf_1.png streetview_5362_18.jpg


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© Waverly Films, Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures
6089_something's gotta give_pont d'arcole_0.png streetview_6089_18.jpg

Pont d'Arcole Something's Gotta Give (2003)

Harry walks from the restaurant into the city with his hard broken when...


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6767_une belle course_pont d'arcole_0.jpg streetview_6767_18.jpg

Pont d'Arcole Driving Madeleine (2022)

Charles and Madeline are spending some great time together.


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© Deux Chevaux Films, Cohen Media Group, BBC Film, Krasnoff / Foster Entertainment, Protagonist Pictures
282296_06_MyOldLady_PontNeuf_01.png streetview_1097_18.jpg

Pont Neuf My Old Lady (2014)

Mathias Girard decides to start drinking again because he can not deal with the news he got.


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© Gaumont
5406_lupin_pont neuf - embankment_0.jpg streetview_5406_18.jpg

Pont Neuf - Embankment Lupin (2021 - 2021)

After some time the young Juliette and Assane walk into each other again near the river. They decide to meet up later.


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© Wintergreen Productions, EuropaCorp, M6 Films, Grive Productions, TPS Star, M6, All Pictures Media, 20th Century Fox, Canal+
6477_taken_square du vert-galant_1.png streetview_6477_18.jpg

Square du Vert-Galant Taken (2008)

Bryan talks to Jean-Claude on the phone from a rooftop near the park.


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BHV Marais Bastille Day (2016)

Michael Mason is being chased by Sean Briar on the roof tops.


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© Warner Independent Pictures (WIP), Castle Rock Entertainment, Detour Filmproduction
2238_before sunset_shakespeare and co_1.jpg streetview_2238_18.jpg

Shakespeare and Co Before Sunset (2004)

Jesse gives a book signing at Shakespeare and Co


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© Paramount, Bad Robot, Skydance, TC Productions
3319_mission_ impossible fallout_rue de nevers_0.jpg

Rue de Nevers Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

Ethan Hunt and August Walker are trying to escape the French police.


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© Pathé, Chapter 2, M6 Films, DeAPlaneta, Constantin Film, ZDF, uMedia
7239_the three musketeers_ d'artagnan_louvre - cour carrée_0.jpg streetview_7239_18.jpg


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© Thunder Road, 87Eleven, Summit Entertainment, Studio Babelsberg
6702_john wick 4_saint-eustache_1.jpg streetview_6702_18.jpg

Saint-Eustache John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023)

The scene description is not available yet.


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© Nordisk Film Denmark
6642_rose_pont des arts_0.jpg streetview_6642_18.jpg


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© Stanley Donen Films, Universal Pictures
6431_charade_the pont au double - seine_3.jpg streetview_6431_18.jpg

The Pont au Double - Seine Charade (1963)

Regina tells Peter she’s afraid she will be killed.


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© TF1 Films Production, EuropaCorp, Sony Pictures Classics
4675_angel-a_pont des arts_3.jpg streetview_4675_18.jpg

Pont des Arts Angel-A (2005)

Andre tells Angela what he feels for her.


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6478_taken_pont des arts_2.png streetview_6478_18.jpg

Pont des Arts Taken (2008)

Bryan springs from the bridge on a ship his daughter is on.