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6453_funny face_rue de la paix_0.png streetview_6453_18.jpg

Rue de la Paix Funny Face (1957)

Maggie Prescot goes shopping in Rue de la Paix.


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5395_lupin_park hyatt paris-vendôme_3.jpg streetview_5395_18.jpg

Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme Lupin (2021 - 2021)

Guedira takes Raoul to the hotel where he meets his boss Domunt.


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5396_lupin_rue de la paix_2.jpg streetview_5396_18.jpg

Rue de la Paix Lupin (2021 - 2021)

Assane just left the hotel and looking for a way to get his son back. Then he sees the two boys. It makes him think about something he did before.


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l-4455_emily in paris_palais garnier _ opéra garnier_2.png streetview_4455_18.jpg

Palais Garnier Emily in Paris (2020 - 2021)

Emily goes to a performance of Swan Lake in an attempt to speak to Pierre Cadault.


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6455_interview with a vampire_opera garnier_0.png streetview_6455_18.jpg

Opera Garnier Interview with the Vampire (1994)

Louis and Claudia walk through the lobby of their hotel in Paris.


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l-6449_funny face_opéra garnier - grand staircase_2.png streetview_6449_18.jpg

Opéra Garnier - Grand Staircase Funny Face (1957)

Dressed in green, Jo is photographed by Dick.


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37710_03_TheTourist_MetrostationQuatreSeptembre_01.jpg streetview_2193_18.jpg

Metro station Quatre Septembre The Tourist (2010)

Elise Clifton-Ward escapes her pursuers by taking the subway.


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6457_the tourist_rue de choiseul_0.jpg streetview_6457_18.jpg

Rue de Choiseul The Tourist (2010)

Elise Clifton-Ward on her way to shake off her pursuers and catch her train.


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6425_intouchables_place vendôme - boucheron_2.png streetview_6425_18.jpg

Place Vendôme - Boucheron The Intouchables (2011)

Driss takes Philippe to buy diamond earrings.


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l-6460_killing eve_place vendôme_1.png streetview_6460_18.jpg

Place Vendôme Killing Eve (2018 - 2022)

VIllanella meets Konstantin in Paris.


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6452_funny face_hôtel ritz_5.png streetview_6452_18.jpg

Hôtel Ritz Funny Face (1957)

Maggie Prescott dances with the cab drivers.


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Schermafbeelding 2021-03-11 om 18.15.29.png streetview_891_18.jpg

The Ritz The Da Vinci Code (2006)

Langdon stays at the Ritz Hotel in Paris at the end of the movie.


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6428_charade_théâtre du palais-royal_2.jpg streetview_6428_18.jpg

Théâtre du Palais-Royal Charade (1963)

Regina tries to hide in the theatre.


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353081_16_MissionImpossibleFallout_Street_01.jpeg streetview_1094_18.jpg


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l-6501_emily in paris_le grand véfour_1.png streetview_6501_18.jpg

Le Grand Véfour Emily in Paris (2020 - 2021)

Emily thinks she has a reservation at Restaurant Le Grand Vefour, however, this turns out differently.


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6502_midnight in paris_le grand véfour_0.png streetview_6502_18.jpg


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5397_lupin_palais-royal garden - gallery of beaujolais_1.jpg streetview_5397_18.jpg

Palais-Royal Garden - Gallery of Beaujolais Lupin (2021 - 2021)

Claire approaches Benjamin because she wants to know where Assane is and what he is up to.


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6090_something's gotta give_le grand colbert_2.png streetview_6090_18.jpg

Le Grand Colbert Something's Gotta Give (2003)

Erica’s birthday dinner at her favorite Paris restaurant Le Grand Colbert.


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5027_dix pour cent_the westin paris – vendôme_0.png streetview_5027_18.jpg

The Westin Paris – Vendôme Call My Agent! (2015 - 2020)

Gabriel arrives at Cécile de France's photoshoot.


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5026_dix pour cent_the westin paris - vendôme_1.png streetview_5026_18.jpg

The Westin Paris - Vendôme Call My Agent! (2015 - 2020)

Cécile de France annonces the filming project with Quentin Tarantino after a photoshoot.


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Bouskila Johann The Bourne Identity (2002)

Bourne and Marie go through the plan in detail to go inside the hotel and get information.


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l-4458_emily in paris_jardin du luxembourg _ le jardin du luxembourg_1.png streetview_4458_18.jpg


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l-6459_killing eve_palais-royal garden _ jardin du palais royal_2.png streetview_6459_18.jpg

Palais-Royal Garden Killing Eve (2018 - 2022)

Villanelle walks in the park with Sebastian when she sees someone who reminds her of Eve.


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4756_lupin_rue de rivoli_0.jpg streetview_4756_18.jpg

Rue de Rivoli Lupin (2021 - 2021)

** spoiler alert ** Assane impersonates a police officer telling two approaching policemen that a robbery is going in an apartment. Afterwards he shows them the loot before walking away with it.