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65494_31_TheCrown_WindsorCastle_01.jpg streetview_637_18.jpg

Windsor Castle The Crown (2016 - 2020)

A few scenes where actualy shot at Windsor Castle so you know it was taking place there.


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4314_the gentlemen_longcross studios_0.jpg streetview_4314_18.jpg

Longcross Film Studios The Gentlemen (2019)

The business park where Rosalind garage is located.


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4419_the good liar_slough railway station_1.jpeg streetview_4419_18.jpg

Slough Railway Station The Good Liar (2019)

Betty takes Roy to the train and says goodbye to him while he is leaving for London.


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Heathrow Airport Building, Terminal 2 Red Sparrow (2018)

** spoiler alert ** The operation in London goes wrong. Dominika is transported back to Russia by Maxim Volontov. Nat Nash is trying to catch her.


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4441_the personal life of david copperfield_dorney’s court_0.jpeg streetview_4441_18.jpg

Dorney’s Court The Personal History of David C... (2019)

David arrives at the boarding school where he meets Steerforth and Uriah Heep and where he also encounters Mr Micawber.


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658_01_Goldfinger_StokePark_01.png streetview_2190_18.jpg

Stoke Park Country Club Goldfinger (1964)

James Bond and Goldfinger say goodbye after a game of golf. Oddjob shows that he knows how to throw a hat.


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671_09_HarryPotterandthePhilosopher'sStone_House_01.jpeg streetview_555_18.jpg


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5955_the gentlemen_stoke court_0.jpeg streetview_5955_18.jpg

Stoke Court The Gentlemen (2019)

Ray’s house where he talks to Fletcher


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2972_imagine me and you_mcdonalds_0.png streetview_2972_18.jpg

McDonalds Imagine Me & You (2005)

Rachel stops to go to the toilet at a McDonalds restaurant on the way to her wedding.


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Byfleet Manor Downton Abbey (2010 - 2015)

Home of Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham, and former home of the 1st Earl of Grantham's sister. This location was chosen to deliberately pull Violet back into the Georgian world.


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5323_ted lasso_hayes _ yeading united football club_0.jpg streetview_5323_18.jpg

Hayes & Yeading United Football Club Ted Lasso (2020 - 2021)

The enthusiastic Ted Lasso is trying to motivate his new team even though he does not know anything about soccer.


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3867_hampstead_cliveden house - ferry cottage_2.png streetview_3867_18.jpg


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6368_persuasion_osterley park and house - entrance hall_1.png streetview_6368_18.jpg

Osterley Park and House - Entrance Hall Persuasion (2022)

Anne meets Wentworth when she attends a concert with Mr. Elliot.


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3055_the dark knight rises_osterley park house_0.png streetview_3055_18.jpg

Osterley Park House The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Bruce Wayne meets Selina Kyle for the first time at Wayne manor.


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2881_me before you_sandown park racecourse_1.jpg streetview_2881_18.jpg

Sandown Park Racecourse Me Before You (2016)

Lou and Nathan take Will to the racecourse.


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33907_40_DowntonAbbey_HedsorHouse TheBallromm_01.png streetview_318_18.jpg

Hedsor House - The Centre Hall Downton Abbey (2010 - 2015)

The fashion show attended by Lady Mary and her Aunt Rosamund and this was where she met handsome suitor Charles Blake.


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Hedsor House - The Ballroom Downton Abbey (2010 - 2015)

The Ballroom was transformed for a dining room scene for Lady Mary and Mr Blake.


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2882_me before you_sandown park racecourse_1.png streetview_2882_18.jpg

Sandown Park Racecourse Me Before You (2016)

Lou arrives home after her holiday with Will.


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4418_the good liar_the railway_0.jpeg streetview_4418_18.jpg

The Railway The Good Liar (2019)

Roy is on his way to meet Betty for the first time. Afterwards they say goodbye. Betty's son Stephen takes her home.


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3723_pirates of the caribbean_ on stranger tides_hampton court palace_2.png streetview_3723_18.jpg

Hampton Court Palace Pirates of the Caribbean: On St... (2011)

After their trial, Jack and Gibbs are transported to ‘St James’ Palace’.


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4681_bridgerton_hampton court palace_1.png streetview_4681_18.jpg

Hampton Court Palace Bridgerton (2020 - 2022)

Daphne and her family arrive at Queen Charlotte to be presented.


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2955_the favourite_hampton court palace - henry viii's kitchens_0.png streetview_2955_18.jpg

Hampton Court Palace - Henry VIII's Kitchens The Favourite (2018)

Abigail at work in the kitchen of the royal residence.


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2954_the favourite_hampton court palace - cartoon gallery_0.png streetview_2954_18.jpg

Hampton Court Palace - Cartoon Gallery The Favourite (2018)

Abigail walks the Queen around the royal residence.


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l-5984_bridgerton_hampton court palace_0.png streetview_5984_18.jpg

Hampton Court Palace Bridgerton (2020 - 2022)

The society gathers and walks through the gardens.


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