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9693_01_ChildrenofMen_BatterseaPowerStation_01.jpg streetview_1670_18.jpg


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Battersea Power Station The King's Speech (2010)

The BBC radio control room from where the speech is broadcast around the world.


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155_03_TheDarkKnight_BatterseaPowerStation_01.jpg streetview_521_18.jpg


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155_04_DarkKnight_BatterseaPowerStation_01.jpg streetview_795_18.jpg

Battersea Power Station The Dark Knight (2008)

The old warehouse where Rachel is held by the Joker.


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1m9k.3nx2p.940.jpg streetview_418_18.jpg


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6173_mrs. harris goes to paris_albert bridge_0.png streetview_6173_18.jpg

Albert Bridge Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris (2022)

Mrs. harris stands on the bridge in thought and gazes across the Thames.


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4170_bridget jones' baby_albert bridge_0.jpg streetview_4170_18.jpg

Albert Bridge Bridget Jones's Baby (2016)

Jack and Mark carry Bridget to the hospital.


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© Hawk Films, Warner Bros. Pictures
4041_a clockwork orange_albert bridge underpass_1.jpg streetview_4041_18.jpg

Albert Bridge underpass A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Alex encounters the homeless man. The man suddenly recognizes Alex.


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© Universal Pictures, StudioCanal, Working Title Films
4517_01_ElisabethTheGoldenAge_WestminsterCathedral_01.jpg streetview_2196_18.jpg

Westminster Cathedral Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)

The scene inside El Escorial, the residence of the Spanisch King Philip II, where the king plans the seaborne invasion of Engeland.


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Schermafbeelding 2021-03-18 om 18.23.33.png streetview_2194_18.jpg

Westminster Cathedral Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

Cherevin swears vengeance on America and makes the first reference to 'Alexander'.


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Schermafbeelding 2018-08-01 om 21.04.59.png streetview_1628_18.jpg


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The Saint copyright Paramount 11.jpg streetview_161_18.jpg


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56761927_sUsKmJr0eOcQAfFxSy1aMZPr34957S7KlsC1GSmIv2I.jpg streetview_1733_18.jpg

New Royal Horticultural Hall Children of Men (2006)

Theo works in the glum 'Ministry of Power'.


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© Lucasfilm Ltd., Paramount
89_09_IndianaJonesandtheLastCrusade_HorticulturalHall_01.jpg streetview_696_18.jpg

New Royal Horticultural Hall (Lawrence Hall) Indiana Jones and the Last Crus... (1989)

After bumping into the Fuhrer at a book burning Indiana Jones and his father drive up to the entrance of Berlin Flughafen.


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© Paramount, Lawrence Bender Productions, Marv Films, Rocket Pictures, New Republic Pictures
5330_rocketman_regency cafe_0.png streetview_5330_18.jpg

Regency Cafe Rocketman (2019)

Elton John meets Bernie Taupin at a café.


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© Carnival Films, ITV Studios
1000.png streetview_248_18.jpg

35 Belgrave Square Downton Abbey (2010 - 2015)

The home of Lady Rosamund Painswick, who lives here as a widow. The house was originally bought on her marriage to Marmaduke Painswick.


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© Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Prominent Features, Fish Productions
623_05_FishCalledWanda_CulvertPlace_01.jpg streetview_1638_18.jpg

Culvert Place A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

The hideout place where the team hides the diamonds.


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© Columbia Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Eon Productions, Danjaq, B23
37724_01_Skyfall_VauxhallBridge_01.png streetview_1054_18.jpg

Vauxhall Bridge Skyfall (2012)

M witnesses the attack on the headquarters of MI6.


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© Marv Films, Cloudy Productions, 20th Century Studios
5554_the king’s man_belgrave square_1.jpg streetview_5554_18.jpg

Belgrave Square The King's Man (2021)

The Duke of Oxford walks with confidence.


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River Thames Spectre (2015)

James Bond and Bill Tanner on top of a speed boat on the River Thames.


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3034_tomb raider (2018)_62 buckingham gate - the lobby_0.png streetview_3034_18.jpg


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1281_02_Bean_TateBritain_01.jpg streetview_1231_18.jpg

Tate Britain Bean (1997)

The National Gallery where Mr. Bean is a guard (exterior).


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Bluebird Restaurant A Good Year (2006)

Max rings his personal assistent from France.