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37724_11_Skyfall_Whitehall_02.png streetview_802_18.jpg

Whitehall Skyfall (2012)

James Bond emerges from Westminster Station and runs along Whitehall (Parliament Street).


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Schermafbeelding 2021-03-17 om 22.14.40.png streetview_1115_18.jpg

King Charles Street Captain America: The First Aven... (2011)

Captain America has a meeting in London about Hydra.


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82992_02_FastandFurious6_01.jpg streetview_477_18.jpg


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2777_darkest hour_westminster hall_2.jpg streetview_2777_18.jpg

Westminster Hall Darkest Hour (2017)

Winston Churchill on his way to parlement.


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3095_transformers_ the last knight_foreign _ commonwealth office courtyard_0.png streetview_3095_18.jpg


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82992_04_FastandFurious6_01.jpg streetview_182_18.jpg

Courtyard of the Treasury Building Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

Gathering before the start of the street race in London.


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Courtyard of the Treasury Building Spectre (2015)

The circular courtyard of the goverment office where Bond was summoned to meet M in London.


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4376_enola holmes_foreign _ commonwealth office courtyard_0.jpg streetview_4376_18.jpg

Foreign & Commonwealth Office Courtyard Enola Holmes (2020)

Sherlock places a message in the newspaper hoping to lure Enola to a meeting point but she finds out. Sherlock and Mycroft eventually give up, while Enola is watching them disguised as a newsboy,


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1247_04_GoodShepherd_KingCharlesStreet_01.jpg streetview_2186_18.jpg


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2778_darkest hours_foreign _ commonwealth office courtyard_5.jpg streetview_2778_18.jpg

Foreign & Commonwealth Office Courtyard Darkest Hour (2017)

Elizabeth Layton, one of Churchill's secretaries is on her way to work while London is under attack.


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206647_06_Spectre_WestminsterBridgeBigBen_01.jpg streetview_152_18.jpg

Westminster Bridge - Big Ben Spectre (2015)

The boat and helicopter chase races along the Thames finally end at Westminster Bridge.


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3404_mary poppins returns_king charles street_0.png streetview_3404_18.jpg

King Charles Street Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

Mary Poppins, Jack, the children and the lamp lighters heading to the Big Ben.


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206647_10_Spectre_ForeignCommonwealthOfficeCourtyard_04.png streetview_2166_18.jpg

Foreign & Commonwealth Office Courtyard Spectre (2015)

Bond has been acting on his own initiative and he's summoned to London for one of those stern dressings downs from the M. When he leaves the office Moneypenny has items for him.


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1o8n.8640sm.940.jpg streetview_151_18.jpg

Supreme Court Bridget Jones's Baby (2016)

Mark Darcy (Colin Firth), who is now a Supreme Court QC, is arguing at a hearing before fictional Supreme Court justices.


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l-6157_anatomy of a scandal_cromwell green_0.png streetview_6157_18.jpg

Cromwell Green Anatomy of a Scandal (2022 - 2022)

James Whitehouse gives press conference near the Palace of Westminster


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1668_11_Friends_WestminsterAbbey_01.png streetview_676_18.jpg

Westminster Abbey Friends (1994 - 2004)

Joey argues with Chandler outside Westminster Abbey.


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2214_johnny english strikes again_foreign _ commonwealth office_1.png streetview_2214_18.jpg


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10528_14_SherlockHolmes_HouseofParliament_01.png streetview_688_18.jpg

Palace of Westminster Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Lord Blackwood is planning murder all the representatives in Parliament who don't want to ally with him.


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1281_01_Bean_CivilEngineers_01.png streetview_1407_18.jpg

Institution of Civil Engineers Bean (1997)

The National Gallery where Mr. Bean is a guard (interior).


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Schermafbeelding 2021-03-17 om 21.56.59.png streetview_1375_18.jpg


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28 Days Later.jpg streetview_1333_18.jpg

Westminster Bridge 28 Days Later (2002)

Jim wakes up to a deserted London. He looks across Westminster Bridge.


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Operation Mincemeat copyright Warner Bros.jpg streetview_6217_18.jpg

Clive Steps Operation Mincemeat (2022)

Ewen Montagu and Charles Cholmondeley discussing the operation.


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177677_05_MissionImpossibleV_WestminsterBridge.png streetview_1161_18.jpg

Westminster Bridge Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nat... (2015)

Switching between employers, Ilsa makes off with the vital memory stick and scoots back to London, crossing Westminster Bridge to meet Atlee, the head of British Intelligence on the Thames Embankment across the river from the Houses of Parliament.


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2776_darkest hour_10 downing street_3.jpg streetview_2776_18.jpg

10 Downing Street Darkest Hour (2017)

Winston Churchill leaves Downing street number 10.