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5344_alles is familie_efteling_2.png streetview_5344_18.jpg

Efteling Family Way (2012)

When Charlie visits the Efteling with his nephew, Diederick stops by.


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© Dutch Filmworks, deMENSEN, Gardner & Domm, VRT
3652_undercover_vakantiepark blauwe meer_5.png streetview_3652_18.jpg

Vakantiepark Blauwe Meer Undercover (2019 - 2022)

Bob and Kim arrive at the campsite for their undercover assignment.


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© Shooting Star Filmcompany, Umami Media, AVROTROS, Menuetto, Splendid Film
6043_the conductor_de avenue_3.png streetview_6043_18.jpg

De Avenue The Conductor (2018)

Willy performs with Robin's band.


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© Fu Works, Isabella Films B.V., Max TV, Prime Time, Isabella Films
5005_oorlogswinter_the old town hall_0.png streetview_5005_18.jpg

The old town hall Winter in Wartime (2008)

Michiel and his mother go to the town hall where his father is being held prisoner by the German soldiers.


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3777_april, may en june_estate noordenhoek _ landgoed noordenhoek_0.png streetview_3777_18.jpg

Estate Noordenhoek April, May en June (2019)

April arrives at the home of her mother Mies.