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l-4478_billy elliot_haymarket theatre _ the theatre royal haymarket_3.png streetview_4478_18.jpg

Haymarket Theatre Billy Elliot (2000)

Mr. Elliot and Tony see Billy perform the lead in the Swan Lake.


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155_02_TheDarkKnight_Criterion.png streetview_1923_18.jpg

Criterion The Dark Knight (2008)

Bruce Wayne discovers Rachel Dawes is dining with Harvey Dent.


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33907_84_DowntonAbbey_Criterion 01.jpg streetview_674_18.jpg

The Criterion Restaurant Downton Abbey (2010 - 2015)

Another of the London locations, the Piccadilly restaurant was the setting for Lady Edith and Michael Gregson's first kiss after he revealed his plan to become a German citizen in order to divorce his wife and marry Edith.


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6363_a good year_the criterion restaurant_2.png streetview_6363_18.jpg

The Criterion Restaurant A Good Year (2006)

Max Skinner meets up with his friend and real estate agent Charlie Willis to discuss Max's plans for his vineyard in France.


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3971_demain tout commence_piccadilly circus_0.png streetview_3971_18.jpg


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9801_09_BridgetJones2_PicadillyCircus.png streetview_120_18.jpg

Picadilly Circus - Regent Street Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reas... (2004)

Bridget walks out of the metro station and the signs on Picadilly Circus saying…..


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33907_66_DowntonAbbey_PiccadillyCircus_01.png streetview_863_18.jpg

Piccadilly Circus Downton Abbey (2010 - 2015)

This iconic London location found its place in Downton Abbey in series five when Anna stops in front of the Shaftsbury Memorial fountain after delivering a note from Lady Mary to Lord Gillingham.


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5664_eternals_piccadilly circus_0.jpg streetview_5664_18.jpg

Piccadilly Circus Eternals (2021)

There is no description of the scene yet.


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l-5516_cruella_waterloo place_0.png streetview_5516_18.jpg

Waterloo Place Cruella (2021)

Estelle, Jasper and Horace get off the bus after robbing a number of people.


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4359_misbehaviour_the athenaeum_0.png streetview_4359_18.jpg

The Athenaeum Misbehaviour (2020)

People arrive at the Princess Theatre for the Miss World contest.


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65494_43_TheCrown_The Athenaeum_01.jpg streetview_1313_18.jpg

Private Member Club 'The Athenaeum' - The Library The Crown (2016 - 2020)

Princess Margaret stands in for her sister and gives a speech that is deemed embarrassing to the royals.


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814_03_AmericanWerewolfLondon_PicadillyCircus_01.png streetview_374_18.jpg

Picadilly Circus An American Werewolf in London (1981)

** spoiler alert ** David sees his dead friend Jack at the entrance of Eros Cinema.


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l-5011_the one_piccadilly circus_0.png streetview_5011_18.jpg

Piccadilly Circus The One (2021 - 2021)

Hannah sieht vom Bus aus die Werbung für das One am Piccadilly Circus


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82992_03_FastFurious6_PicadillyCircus_01.png streetview_2147_18.jpg


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4358_misbehaviour_waterloo place - edward vii memorial statue_0.png streetview_4358_18.jpg

Waterloo Place - Edward VII Memorial Statue Misbehaviour (2020)

The girls are watching people enter the Princess Theatre for the Miss World contest.


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10764_02_QuantumofSolace_ReformClub_02.jpg streetview_2054_18.jpg


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36669_01_DieAnotherDay_TheReformClub_01.jpg streetview_389_18.jpg

The Reform Club Die Another Day (2002)

Bond walks into the fencing club of Gustav Graves where he is writing a check for James Bond because he has won the swordfight over him.


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Schermafbeelding 2018-07-08 om 15.00.16.png streetview_1924_18.jpg

Piccadilly Circus Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nat... (2015)

The movie begins in the heart of London's West End with Hunt emerging from Piccadilly Circus underground station and heading up major shopping thoroughfare Regent Street to find a little record shop tucked away in a side street where he's to get his briefing.


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Schermafbeelding 2021-03-04 om 18.15.10.png streetview_570_18.jpg

Picadilly Circus A Good Year (2006)

Max Skinner walks home from a successful day in the office.


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l-5510_cruella_carlton house terrace_1.png streetview_5510_18.jpg

Carlton House Terrace Cruella (2021)

Estella on her way to the Baroness.


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© Hartswood Films
l-4414_sherlock_shaftesbury avenue_0.jpg streetview_4414_18.jpg

Shaftesbury Avenue Sherlock (2010 - 2017)

When Sherlock is looking for the place where Eddy van Coon went before his death, he bumps into Watson, who has found the same location in Brian Lukis' diary.


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509_14_NottingHill_Empire_01.png streetview_34_18.jpg

Empire Notting Hill (1999)

The movie premiere of Anna Scotts latest movie is held at the Empire.


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4375_tenet_the reform club - library_0.jpg streetview_4375_18.jpg

The Reform Club - Library Tenet (2020)

** spoiler alert ** The Protagonist has a lunch meeting with Sir Michael Crosby.


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10528_05_SherlockHolmes_TheReformClub_01.png streetview_378_18.jpg

The Reform Club Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Sherlock Holmes disrupts the meal with Watson and his fiancée, Mary in the classy restaurant 'The Royale'.


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634_05_BridgetJonesDiary_InstituteContemporaryArts_01.png streetview_1309_18.jpg

The Institute of Contemporary Arts Bridget Jones's Diary (2001)

Bridget attendes the embarrassing book launch for Kafka's Motorbike.