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3427_about time_zorba’s greek taverna (closed)_0.png streetview_3427_18.jpg

Zorba’s Greek Taverna (closed) About Time (2013)

Tim and Mary having dinner after Tim has snatched her away from the party.


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3418_about time_paddington station - track 1_0.png streetview_3418_18.jpg

Paddington Station - Track 1 About Time (2013)

Tim arrives by train at Paddington Station.


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508_03_LoveActually_Whiteleys_01.png streetview_678_18.jpg

Whiteleys Love Actually (2003)

The big christmas tree in the shopping mall in the opening credits.


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116149_01_Paddington_PaddingtonStation_01.png streetview_408_18.jpg

Paddington Station Paddington (2014)

Paddington finally arrives in London hoping to find someone who will take care of him. He meets de family Brown on the platform.


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2288_03_Closer_Whiteley_01.png streetview_1503_18.jpg

Whiteley's Closer (2004)

The gallery where Anna's photo's are showing.


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9801_01_BridgetJones_ItalianGardens_02.png streetview_459_18.jpg

The Italian Gardens Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reas... (2004)

Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver are having another fight. This time they end up in the fountains.


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3796_the gentlemen_poplar place_0.jpg streetview_3796_18.jpg

Poplar Place The Gentlemen (2019)

Coach tells Ray about the guy who is in the back of the car.


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33907_49_DowntonAbbey_HydePark PeterPanStatue_01.jpg streetview_518_18.jpg

Hyde Park - Kensington Gardens - Peter Pan Statue Downton Abbey (2010 - 2015)

Lady Mary and Lord Gillingham meet at the Peter Pan Statue where Mary breaks with the news that she is no longer interested in him.


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710_05_GoldenEye_SofiasCathedral_01.png streetview_406_18.jpg


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324668_07_JasonBourne_Kingdom Street_01.png streetview_1548_18.jpg

2 Kingdom Street (office building) Jason Bourne (2016)

Malcolm Smith is leaving the office to meet with Jason Bourne.


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3596_last christmas_st mary’s hospital - wrought iron memorial gate_0.png streetview_3596_18.jpg

St Mary’s Hospital - Wrought Iron Memorial Gate Last Christmas (2019)

Kate and her mother Adelia have an appointment at the hospital


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886_02_FindingNeverland_KensingtonGardens_01.jpg streetview_1701_18.jpg

Kensington Gardens Finding Neverland (2004)

James Barry meets the family Llewelyn Davies in the park.


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886_01_FindingNeverland_KensingtonGardens_01.jpg streetview_932_18.jpg

Kensington Gardens Finding Neverland (2004)

** spoiler alert ** While sitting on the same bench where they once met, James Barry tries to explain to the young Peter that his mother will always be with him.


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324668_08_JasonBourne_PaddingtonPlaza_01.png streetview_1219_18.jpg

Paddington Plaza Jason Bourne (2016)

Malcolm Smith waiting for Bourne on the square.


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11631_05_MammaMia_House_01.png streetview_54_18.jpg

28 Maida Avenue (house) Mamma Mia! (2008)

The home of Harry, one of Sophies fathers.


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10764_03_QuantumofSolace_Apartment_01.jpg streetview_2_18.jpg


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33907_50_DowntonAbbey_HydePark ThePrinceAlbertMemorial_01.jpg streetview_1750_18.jpg

Hyde Park - Kensington Gardens - The Prince Albert Memorial Downton Abbey (2010 - 2015)

Madeleine and William Allsopp, Martha Levinson, Violet and Harold having a picnic in Kensington Gardens in front of the monument here, prepared by Daisy and served by American valet Ethan.


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623_06_FishCalledWanda_AubreyHouse_01.jpg streetview_384_18.jpg

Aubrey House A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

George gets arrested by the police.


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509_01_NottingHill_CoronetCinema_01.png streetview_1363_18.jpg

Coronet Cinema Notting Hill (1999)

Anna Scott and William Thacker decide to go out on a date. They go to the movies. Because William can't find his glasses, he decides to go with the next best thing: prescription goggles. (Where William watches 'Helix').


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Formosa Street Paddington (2014)

The scene with the dramatic thief chase.


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3922_military wives_royal albert hall_5.png streetview_3922_18.jpg

Royal Albert Hall Military Wives (2020)

The choir performs at the 'Festival of remembrance'.


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1247_01_GoodShepherd_WindsorCastlePub_01.jpg streetview_1625_18.jpg