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3864_hampstead_british museum_0.png streetview_3864_18.jpg

British Museum Hampstead (2017)

Emily and Donald visit the British Museum


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2366_wonder woman_the british museum_1.png streetview_2366_18.jpg

The British Museum Wonder Woman (2017)

Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman visits Paris.


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4382_ammonite_british museum_1.png streetview_4382_18.jpg

British Museum Ammonite (2020)

Mary Anings work is exhibited in The British Museum.


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l-5537_ammonite_bitish museum - enlightenment gallery_0.png streetview_5537_18.jpg

Bitish museum - Enlightenment Gallery Ammonite (2020)

Mary and Charlotte meet in the British Museum.


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3865_hampstead_the british museum - elgin marbles_1.png streetview_3865_18.jpg

The British Museum - Elgin Marbles Hampstead (2017)

Emily and Donald visit the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum.


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181533_01_NightattheMuseum3_BritishMuseum_01.png streetview_135_18.jpg


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3863_hampstead_69 great russell street_0.png streetview_3863_18.jpg

69 Great Russell Street Hampstead (2017)

Emily and Donald on their way to the British Museum


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4240_red joan_senate house building_0.jpeg streetview_4240_18.jpg

Senate House Building Red Joan (2018)

Joan and Max arrive at the research location.


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3057_the dark knight rises_senate house - the crush hall_0.png streetview_3057_18.jpg

Senate House - The Crush Hall The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Bruce and Selina dance at the charity benefit ball hosted by Miranda Tate.


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2999_the bodyguard_senate house university of london_0.png streetview_2999_18.jpg


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f-1869_senate house  of the university of london_89_1.png streetview_1869_18.jpg

Senate House of the University of London Batman Begins (2005)

The lobby of Gotham's court. Chill, the man who killed Bruce's parents, is gunned down before Bruce can do the job himself.


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137094_01_JackRyanShadowRecruit_SenateHouse_01.png streetview_1207_18.jpg


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4508_the 355_senate house university of london - senate house library_4.jpeg streetview_4508_18.jpg


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6134_all the old knives_senate house - university of london_2.jpg streetview_6134_18.jpg

Senate House - University of London All the Old Knives (2022)

Henry runs after Celia who has left the office in a hurry.


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27205_09_Inception_VictoriaHouse_01.jpg streetview_1434_18.jpg

Victoria House - Heritage Rooms Inception (2010)

The old-world suite of dying businessman Maurice Fischer.


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137094_07_JackRyanShadowRecruit_VictoriaHouse_01.png streetview_1171_18.jpg

Victoria House Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

The Hotel Grushinski where Ryan gets a less than warm welcome from his contact.


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2288_05_Closer_Building_01.jpg streetview_1134_18.jpg


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2372_wonder woman_sicilian avenue_1.png streetview_2372_18.jpg

Sicilian Avenue Wonder Woman (2017)

Diana and Steve walk through the city when Steve notices that someone is following them.


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6318_see how they run_dominion theatre - lobby_0.jpg streetview_6318_18.jpg

Dominion Theatre - Lobby See How They Run (2022)

The scene description is not available yet.


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An American Werewolf in London 2.jpg streetview_855_18.jpg

Tottenham Court Road Station An American Werewolf in London (1981)

A London commuter is chased by the werewolf through the corridors of the station. He is being caught on the escalator.


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3740_last christmas_the phoenix garden_2.PNG streetview_3740_18.jpg

The Phoenix Garden Last Christmas (2019)

Kate goes looking for Tom in the garden where they met earlier.


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© Hartswood Films, BBC Wales, Masterpiece
l-4407_sherlock_percy street_0.png streetview_4407_18.jpg

Percy Street Sherlock (2010 - 2017)

Sherlock and Watson are on their way to an address on Northumberland Street to expose a serial killer.


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9486_07_JohnnyEnglish_FreemansonsHall_01.png streetview_2098_18.jpg


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10528_08_SherlockHolmes_FreeMasonsHall_01.png streetview_1256_18.jpg

Freemasons' Hall Sherlock Holmes (2009)

The meeting where Blackwood pulls the old Bond villain trick of kindly allowing anybody with doubts to leave freely…