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© Shooting Star Filmcompany, Umami Media, AVROTROS, Menuetto, Splendid Film
6043_the conductor_de avenue_3.png streetview_6043_18.jpg

De Avenue The Conductor (2018)

Willy performs with Robin's band.


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© De Mensen
4928_ferry_markt_1.png streetview_4928_18.jpg

Markt Ferry (2021)

Ferry meets Danielle at the fair.


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© Talpa Media
3777_april, may en june_estate noordenhoek _ landgoed noordenhoek_0.png streetview_3777_18.jpg

Estate Noordenhoek April, May en June (2019)

April arrives at the home of her mother Mies.


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© Imperative Entertainment, 30WEST
3943_lyrebird_stadhuisplein_0.png streetview_3943_18.jpg

Stadhuisplein The Last Vermeer (2020)

People enthusiastically welcome Han van Meegeren.


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© Studio Babelsberg, Motel Films, Motion Investment Group, Egoli Tossell Film, Nederlands Fonds voor de Film, uFilm, Le Tax Shelter du Gouvernement Fédéral de Belgique, Fu Works, Hector BV, Media Programme of the European Community, Euroimages Fund of the Council of Europe, VIP 4 Medienfonds, ContentFilm International, Clockwork Pictures, CoBo Fonds, FFA, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Sony Pictures Classics
9075_05_Blackbook_GrotekerksbuurtDordrecht_01.png streetview_1167_18.jpg


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© Fu Works, Isabella Films B.V., Max TV, Prime Time, Isabella Films
5005_oorlogswinter_the old town hall_0.png streetview_5005_18.jpg

The old town hall Winter in Wartime (2008)

Michiel and his mother go to the town hall where his father is being held prisoner by the German soldiers.


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© Kaap Holland Film
3571_familieweekend_kasteel sterkenburg_0.png streetview_3571_18.jpg

Kasteel Sterkenburg Family Weekend (2016)

Bonnie welcomes her parents at the home of Pieter, her fiancée.


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© Orange Sky Golden Harvest
2684_who am i__cube houses _ kubuswoningen_1.png streetview_2684_18.jpg


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© First Floor Features
4370_amsterdamned_oudegracht_3.jpeg streetview_4370_18.jpg

Oudegracht Amsterdamned (1988)

Detective Eric Visser is in pursuit of the anonymous killer by boat.