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© Excelsior Films, Rob Houwer Film Holland
6649_soldier of orange_lekdijk_2.jpg streetview_6649_18.jpg

Lekdijk Soldier of Orange (1977)

The Dutch soldiers, including Jan, are told German parachutes have landed nearby.


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© Kaap Holland Film
3571_familieweekend_kasteel sterkenburg_0.png streetview_3571_18.jpg

Kasteel Sterkenburg Family Weekend (2016)

Bonnie welcomes her parents at the home of Pieter, her fiancée.


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© Talpa Media
3777_april, may en june_estate noordenhoek _ landgoed noordenhoek_0.png streetview_3777_18.jpg

Estate Noordenhoek April, May and June (2019)

April arrives at the home of her mother Mies.


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© Fu Works, Isabella Films B.V., Max TV, Prime Time, Isabella Films
5005_oorlogswinter_the old town hall_0.png streetview_5005_18.jpg

The old town hall Winter in Wartime (2008)

Michiel and his mother go to the town hall where his father is being held prisoner by the German soldiers.


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© First Floor Features
4370_amsterdamned_oudegracht_3.jpeg streetview_4370_18.jpg

Oudegracht Amsterdamned (1988)

Detective Eric Visser is in pursuit of the anonymous killer by boat.


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© Excelsior Films, Rob Houwer Film Holland
6651_soldier of orange_military training ground oostdorp_0.jpg streetview_6651_18.jpg

Military Training Ground Oostdorp Soldier of Orange (1977)

Alex is at the eastern front. He is not kind to a boy who wants something to eat something. Huge mistake…


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© Outlaw Productions, Outlaw Victoria Productions Inc., Avenue Pictures, Weed Road Pictures, Intermedia Films, Egmond Film & Television, Dimension Films, Mindhunters (UK) Limited, Mindhunters Productie BV, Tonna Oy
6223_mindhunters_radio kootwijk_1.png streetview_6223_18.jpg

Radio Kootwijk Mindhunters (2004)

The team of trainees in the FBI's psychological profiling programme arrive at the island.


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© United Artists, Joseph E. Levine Productions
6574_a bridge too far_waal bridge - northside tunnel_1.jpg streetview_6574_18.jpg

Waal Bridge - Northside Tunnel A Bridge Too Far (1977)

Major Cook and his men are taking the Waal Bridge by force.


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© United Artists, Joseph E. Levine Productions
6575_a bridge too far_waaldijk_2.jpg streetview_6575_18.jpg

Waaldijk A Bridge Too Far (1977)

Major Cook and his men are waiting for the boats.


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3572_gooische vrouwen ii_bierweg 35 (house)_0.png streetview_3572_18.jpg

Bierweg 35 (house) Viper’s Nest 2 (2014)

Martin welcomes Cheryl to their home with a serenade.


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© Talpa Fictie
3631_doris_wladimirlaan 1 (home)_1.jpg streetview_3631_18.jpg


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© Millstreet Films, KeyFilm
5569_soof 3_wagendijk 6 (house)_0.png streetview_5569_18.jpg


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l-3540_floris_doornenburg castle _ kasteel doornenburg_0.jpg streetview_3540_18.jpg

Doornenburg Castle Floris (1969 - 1969)

Floris van Rosemondt at the castle.


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© Inspiration Pictures, Eyeworks Film & TV Drama
3556_de gelukkige huisvrouw_meentweg 9 (house)_0.jpg streetview_3556_18.jpg

Meentweg 9 (house) The Happy Housewife (2010)

Lea is having a telephone conversation in the garden of her house.


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© Inspiration Pictures, Eyeworks Film & TV Drama
3557_de gelukkige huisvrouw_meentweg 9 (house)_0.jpg streetview_3557_18.jpg

Meentweg 9 (house) The Happy Housewife (2010)

Harry outside his house in the rain with Junior.


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© United Artists, Joseph E. Levine Productions
6573_a bridge too far_rhederoord mansion_0.jpg streetview_6573_18.jpg

Rhederoord Mansion A Bridge Too Far (1977)

Bittrich tells Model it is wise to blow up the bridges.


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3558_soof_'s-gravelandseweg 30 (house)_2.png streetview_3558_18.jpg

's-Gravelandseweg 30 (house) Soof (2013)

Soof chases Bob from the driveway when he sees her with Kasper.


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© Big City
Puppet on a Chain 14.jpg streetview_5074_18.jpg

Muiden Castle Puppet on a Chain (1970)

Paul Sherman sees the men enter the castle. He follows them. Afterwards he jumps in the speedboat to chase Meegren.


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© Big City
6442_puppet on a chain_muiden castle_1.jpg streetview_6442_18.jpg

Muiden Castle Puppet on a Chain (1970)

Sherman enters the castle hoping to find the evidence.


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© Big City
6443_puppet on a chain_muiden castle_4.jpg streetview_6443_18.jpg

Muiden Castle Puppet on a Chain (1970)

Maggie is taken to the castle by Trudi who wants to show her the dolls.


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© BING Film & Televisie, AVROTROS, Johan Nijenhuis & Co
5290_de luizenmoeder_former primary school twistvlied  _ voormalige basisschool twistvlied_1.png streetview_5290_18.jpg

(former) Primary school Twistvlied Rebels @School (2021)

Teacher Ank tries to steer a new school year in the right direction at the public primary school De Klimop.


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© Topkapi Films, VARA
5344_alles is familie_efteling_2.png streetview_5344_18.jpg

Efteling Family Way (2012)

When Charlie visits the Efteling with his nephew, Diederick stops by.