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5463_ryan’s daughter_flea head drive_1.jpg streetview_5463_18.jpg

Flea Head Drive Ryan's Daughter (1970)

Rosy goes to the school where she meets Charles.


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Star Wars The Force Awakens copyright LucasFilm Disney16.jpg streetview_1401_18.jpg

Skelig Island Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Rey is using the map to find Luke Skywalker on the desolate island.


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4608_ryan’s daughter_tralee golf club_0.jpeg streetview_4608_18.jpg

Tralee Golf Club Ryan's Daughter (1970)

Rosy and Randolph spend some time together.


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4607_ryan’s daughter_barrow beach_0.jpg streetview_4607_18.jpg

Barrow Beach Ryan's Daughter (1970)

Charles follows the footprints of his wife and her lover. He imagines what they were doing as they walked on the beach.