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3575_ellis in glamourland_hotels van oranje_2.png streetview_3575_18.jpg

Hotels van Oranje - hall Ellis in Glamourland (2004)

Ellis arrives at the hotel to join Susans course 'How to marry a millionaire'.


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3574_ellis in glamourland_hotels van oranje_0.png streetview_3574_18.jpg

Hotels van Oranje Ellis in Glamourland (2004)

Expert Susan invites Ellis to join het course 'How to marry a millionaire' for free.


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© Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, NTR, Topkapi Films
6745_piece of my heart_leiden theater_0.jpg streetview_6745_18.jpg

Leiden Theater Piece of My Heart (2022)

Toby and Walter watch the rehearsal.


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5281_zeven kleine criminelen_town hall leiden _ stadhuis leiden_1.png streetview_5281_18.jpg

Town Hall Leiden Zeven Kleine Criminelen (2019 - 2019)

Raffie and his grandma are waiting to borrow money from the bank to ease their money worries.


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© Excelsior Films, Rob Houwer Film Holland
6648_soldier of orange_speckhofje_0.jpg streetview_6648_18.jpg

Speckhofje Soldier of Orange (1977)

Erik Lanshof escapes from the Gestapo agent Breitner who thinks he is still in his room.


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© Excelsior Films, Rob Houwer Film Holland
5893_soldaat van oranje_rapenburg 56_0.png streetview_5893_18.jpg

Rapenburg 56 - Balcony Soldier of Orange (1977)

Erik Lanshof looks at the street from his balcony.


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© Excelsior Films, Rob Houwer Film Holland
1127_soldier of orange_cafe barrera_01.png streetview_1127_18.jpg

Rapenburg 56 Soldier of Orange (1977)

Esther closes the curtains in the apartment of Erik while they are being watched by Breitner.


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© Excelsior Films, Rob Houwer Film Holland
5894_soldaat van oranje_nonnenbrug_1.png streetview_5894_18.jpg

Nonnenbrug Soldier of Orange (1977)

Two policemen harass a Jewish man on the street and throw his belongings into the canal.


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© Excelsior Films, Rob Houwer Film Holland
5896_soldaat van oranje_university leiden - sweat room_1.png streetview_5896_18.jpg

University Leiden - Sweat Room Soldier of Orange (1977)

Erik put his name on the wall of the 'sweat room' after graduation.


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© Millstreet Films, KeyFilm
5363_soof 3_amsterdam airport schiphol_0.png streetview_5363_18.jpg

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Soof 3 (2022)

Soof and Kasper pick up their daughter Sacha, and her new boyfriend Sundeep, from the airport.


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© Warner Bros. Pictures, Color Force, Amazon Studios
3327_the goldfinch_amsterdam schiphol airport_0.jpg streetview_3327_18.jpg

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport The Goldfinch (2019)

Theordore and Boris arrive at the airport.


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© Village Roadshow Pictures, Section Eight, Warner Bros. Pictures, Jerry Weintraub Productions, WV Films III
163_01_OceansTwelve_HaarlemTrainStation_01.png streetview_781_18.jpg

Haarlem Train Station Ocean's Twelve (2004)

Danny Ocean asks Basher Tarr how old he think he is.


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Blackbook.jpg streetview_186_18.jpg

Haarlem Train Station Black Book (2006)

Ellis de Vries meets Ludwig Müntze for the first time at the train station.


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Oceans Twelve Westgaarde 01.jpg streetview_514_18.jpg

Memorial Park West Gaarde Ocean's Twelve (2004)

Rusty is spying on Interpol detective Isabel Lahiri who is. Attending a funeral.


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© BING Film & Televisie, AVROTROS, Johan Nijenhuis & Co
5290_de luizenmoeder_former primary school twistvlied  _ voormalige basisschool twistvlied_1.png streetview_5290_18.jpg

(former) Primary school Twistvlied Rebels @School (2021)

Teacher Ank tries to steer a new school year in the right direction at the public primary school De Klimop.


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© NL Film en TV
3662_penoza_ the final chapter_olympic stadium amsterdam_0.png streetview_3662_18.jpg

Olympic Stadium Amsterdam Penoza: The Final Chapter (2019)

The whole family walks into the stadium while the police keep an eye on them.


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l-5289_zeven kleine criminelen_seinpostweg (house)_0.png streetview_5289_18.jpg

Seinpostweg (house) Zeven Kleine Criminelen (2019 - 2019)

Raffie talks to his little brother about moving.


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l-5291_zeven kleine criminelen_thalia theater ijmuiden_1.png streetview_5291_18.jpg

Thalia Theater IJmuiden Zeven Kleine Criminelen (2019 - 2019)

The friends buy tickets for a performance in the theatre as an alibi.


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© First Floor Features, Sigma Film Productions
4595_de lift_kronenburg building_0.jpg streetview_4595_18.jpg

Kronenburg Building The Lift (1983)

The lady girl that is playing in the hall is fascinated by the elevator that seems to be playing ha game with her.


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© Talpa Fictie
3633_doris_bonaireplein 21 (house)_0.jpg streetview_3633_18.jpg

Bonaireplein 21 (house) Doris (2018)

Doris arrives at her house and picks up a letter from the postman.


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© Talpa Fictie
3632_doris_het amsterdams lyceum_0.jpg streetview_3632_18.jpg

Het Amsterdams Lyceum Doris (2018)

Doris rides her bike through the city on the way to Leonie


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© Talpa Fictie
3634_doris_johannes verhulststraat 99 (house)_0.jpg streetview_3634_18.jpg

Johannes Verhulststraat 99 (house) Doris (2018)

Doris and her ex husband have a session with a therapist. She leaves angry.