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3568_hartestraat_herengracht 300_1.png streetview_3568_18.jpg

Herengracht 300 Heart Street (2014)

Daan has a conversation with Mara for 'Kaldi Coffee & Tea' while Katje is looking at Daan.


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6687_sense8_grimburgwal_2.png streetview_6687_18.jpg

Grimburgwal Sense8 (2015 - 2018)

After Riley and the rest of the cluster help Will escape the museum they walk past the museum and the police.


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3577_love is all _ alles is liefde_de bijenkorf amsterdam_0.jpg streetview_3577_18.jpg

De Bijenkorf Amsterdam Love Is All (2007)

Kikki and Prince Valentijn have a conversation in front of Kikki's work.


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3567_hartestraat_hartenstraat 3_1.png streetview_3567_18.jpg

Hartenstraat 3 Heart Street (2014)

Daan sits in front of his Deli and says goodbye to Saar who goes to school.


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3566_hartestraat_hartenstraat 5 (shop)_2.png streetview_3566_18.jpg

Hartenstraat 5 (shop) Heart Street (2014)

Katje arrives in her expensive car at her store: 'Neuf'.


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© Verenigde Nederlandsche Filmcompagnie (VNF)
l-6062_turks fruit_dam_0.png streetview_6062_18.jpg

Dam Turkish Delight (1973)

Eric and Olga drive through the city after their wedding.


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© Verenigde Nederlandsche Filmcompagnie (VNF)
6678_turks fruit_oudezijds voorburgwal - old city hall_0.png streetview_6678_18.jpg

Oudezijds Voorburgwal - Old City Hall Turkish Delight (1973)

Eric and Olga are almost to late for their marriage ceremony.


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163_02_OceansTwelve_CoffeeshopDampkring_02.png streetview_1420_18.jpg

Coffee shop Dampkring Ocean's Twelve (2004)

Linus Caldwell does not know what he has gotten himself into when he and Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan meet Matsui.


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163_16_OceansTwelve_Street_01.png streetview_246_18.jpg

Heiligeweg 45 Ocean's Twelve (2004)

A part of the team walks through the street on their way to the coffeeshop to meet Matsui.


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6686_sense8_binnengasthuisstraat_0.png streetview_6686_18.jpg

Binnengasthuisstraat Sense8 (2015 - 2018)

Riley and the rest of the cluster help Will escape the museum. They leave through the staff entrance.


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Singel 465 Dirty Lines (2022 - 2022)

There is no description of this scene yet.


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3569_hartestraat_keizersgracht_1.png streetview_3569_18.jpg

Keizersgracht Heart Street (2014)

Daan and Saar walk through the streets of Amsterdam and have a conversation about being in love.


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163_14_OceansTwelve_PullitzerAmsterdam_01.png streetview_1275_18.jpg

Pulitzer Amsterdam Ocean's Twelve (2004)

Danny, Rusty and the team arrive at the hotel in Amsterdam.


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© Big City
6490_puppet on a chain_nh collection doelen_0.jpg streetview_6490_18.jpg

NH Collection Doelen Puppet on a Chain (1970)

Sherman leaves the hotel but knows that someone is following him.


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l-6671_killing eve_herengracht_leidsegracht_0.png streetview_6671_18.jpg

Herengracht/Leidsegracht Killing Eve (2018 - 2022)

Villanelle meets Konstantin in Amsterdam. She makes fun of his shirt.


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6677_sense8_aluminum bridge _ aluminiumbrug_0.png streetview_6677_18.jpg

Aluminum Bridge Sense8 (2015 - 2018)

Will exits the hideout for the first time with Riley.


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163_03_OceansTwelve_Bridge_01.png streetview_1199_18.jpg

Aluminum Bridge Ocean's Twelve (2004)

Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan are discussing their options.


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222935_01_TheFaultinOurStars_Bench_01.jpg streetview_1070_18.jpg

Leidsegracht 4 (bench) The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

While they're visiting Amsterdam Hazel and Gus sit on a bench at one of the canals where they have a defining talk.


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6053_anne_bar exit_0.png streetview_6053_18.jpg

Bar Exit Anne+: The Film (2021)

Friends try to persuade Anne to go with them to bar exit despite having an important appointment the next day.


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l-5892_the conductor_royal theater tuschinski_4.png streetview_5892_18.jpg

Royal Theater Tuschinski The Conductor (2018)

Antonia is conducting the concert in the men's restroom of the concert hall when Frank walks in.


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1146 Oceans Twelve Cats Cabinet 01.jpg streetview_1146_18.jpg

Cats Cabinet Ocean's Twelve (2004)

Isabel arrives at the house of collector Van der Woude in Amsterdam to investigate the robbery.


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© Het Familiedrama
4029_niemand in de stad_damrak (street)_1.png streetview_4029_18.jpg

Damrak (street) Open Seas (2018)

Philip is running through Amsterdam


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6047_ocean's twelve_keizersgracht 460_1.jpg streetview_6047_18.jpg


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4369_amsterdamned_keizersgracht_3.jpeg streetview_4369_18.jpg

Keizersgracht Amsterdamned (1988)

** spoiler alert ** Detective Eric Visser is in pursuit of the anonymous killer. The killer makes a jump with his speed boat in one of the Amsterdam canals to escape.


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6684_hitman's bodyguard_nieuwmarkt_2.png streetview_6684_18.jpg

Nieuwmarkt The Hitman's Bodyguard (2017)

While being chased by the police on his motorbike, Michael tries to get to Darius to protect him.