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© Sid Gentle Films
l-6670_killing eve_de belhamel_2.png streetview_6670_18.jpg

De Belhamel Killing Eve (2018 - 2022)

Villanelle and Konstantin meet in a café while she enjoys her bread with ‘hagelslag’.


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De Belhamel The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018)

Audrey, Morgan and Sebastian are sitting on a terrace.


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© First Floor Features
4082_amsterdamned_brouwersgracht_0.jpg streetview_4082_18.jpg

Brouwersgracht Amsterdamned (1988)

A girl is sunbathing in a plastic boat in a canal in Amsterdam while there’s a killer on the loose…


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© Hollands Licht, Eyeworks
5138_red light_de wallen - korte korsjespoort­steeg_3.png streetview_5138_18.jpg

De Wallen - Korte Korsjespoort­steeg Red Light (2020 - 2021)

Sylvia and Ingmar go to Amsterdam to resolve a disagreement with Elarbi.


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© Sid Gentle Films
l-6674_killing eve_korte korsjespoortsteeg_oude niewstraat_0.png streetview_6674_18.jpg

Korte Korsjespoortsteeg/Oude Niewstraat Killing Eve (2018 - 2022)

Villanelle attracts the attention of her target in the Red Light District.


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© Het Familiedrama
4029_niemand in de stad_damrak (street)_1.png streetview_4029_18.jpg

Damrak (street) Open Seas (2018)

Philip is running through Amsterdam


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© Doozer, Warner Bros. Television, Universal Television, Ruby's Tuna
l-7119_ted lasso_hotel prins hendrik_2.png streetview_7119_18.jpg

Hotel Prins Hendrik Ted Lasso (2020 - 2023)

Leslie and Will visit a famous club in Amsterdam.


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© Endemol, John de Mol Produkties B.V.
6052_baantjer_café lowietje_0.jpg streetview_6052_18.jpg

Café Lowietje Baantjer (1995 - 2006)

Detective Jurriaan 'Jurre' de Cock and his colleague Vledder in their regular pub.


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© NL Film en TV, Company Pictures
7422_van der valk_wijngaardsstraatje_1.png streetview_7422_18.jpg

Wijngaardsstraatje Van der Valk (2020 - 2023)

Piet, Lucienne and Job at the scene of the second murder. Are they connected?


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© Verenigde Nederlandsche Filmcompagnie (VNF), Rob Houwer Film Holland
l-6062_turks fruit_dam_0.png streetview_6062_18.jpg

Dam Turkish Delight (1973)

Eric and Olga drive through the city after their wedding.


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© De Mensen
4927_ferry_oudezijds voorburgwal_0.png streetview_4927_18.jpg

Oudezijds Voorburgwal Ferry (2021)

Ferry and Danielle meet in town when Ferry is waiting for his appointment and Danielle is having a bachelorette weekend in Amsterdam.


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© VARA, Fu Works, Motel Films
3577_love is all _ alles is liefde_de bijenkorf amsterdam_0.jpg streetview_3577_18.jpg

De Bijenkorf Amsterdam Love Is All (2007)

Kikki and Prince Valentijn have a conversation in front of Kikki's work.


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© TSG Entertainment, Fox 2000 Pictures, Temple Hill Entertainment
734-The-Fault-in-Our-Stars-Anne-Frank-House-03.jpg streetview_734_18.jpg

The Anna Frank House The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

Hazel and Gus visit the Anna Frank House with Lidewij, the personal assistent of author Peter van Houten.


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© NL Film en TV, Company Pictures
7425_van der valk_w hotels - swimming pool_3.png streetview_7425_18.jpg

W Hotels - Swimming pool Van der Valk (2020 - 2023)

Piet questions a suspect while the suspect takes laps in the pool.


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l-6031_foodies_tweede egelantiersstraat,_0.png streetview_6031_18.jpg

Tweede Egelantiersstraat Foodies

Sam and Marco cycle through the city.


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© Doozer, Warner Bros. Television, Universal Television, Ruby's Tuna
l-7120_ted lasso_homomonument_0.png streetview_7120_18.jpg

Homomonument Ted Lasso (2020 - 2023)

Trent and Collin have a talk in Amsterdam


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l-6032_foodies_eye filmmuseum_0.png streetview_6032_18.jpg

Eye Filmmuseum Foodies

Sam calls her friend about her review.


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© 2CFilm, Just Productions
3570_hartestraat_eye filmmuseum_1.png streetview_3570_18.jpg

Eye Filmmuseum Heart Street (2014)

Saar and Katje arrive by water bike at the location where Saar has to give her talk about Swans. A worried Daan is waiting for them.


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© 2CFilm, Just Productions
3567_hartestraat_hartenstraat 3_1.png streetview_3567_18.jpg

Hartenstraat 3 Heart Street (2014)

Daan sits in front of his Deli and says goodbye to Saar who goes to school.


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© 2CFilm, Just Productions
3566_hartestraat_hartenstraat 5 (shop)_2.png streetview_3566_18.jpg

Hartenstraat 5 (shop) Heart Street (2014)

Katje arrives in her expensive car at her store: 'Neuf'.


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© Fiction Valley
6048_dirty lines_drieharingenbrug (brug 320)_0.png streetview_6048_18.jpg


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© 2CFilm, Just Productions
3569_hartestraat_keizersgracht_1.png streetview_3569_18.jpg

Keizersgracht Heart Street (2014)

Daan and Saar walk through the streets of Amsterdam and have a conversation about being in love.


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© Verenigde Nederlandsche Filmcompagnie (VNF), Rob Houwer Film Holland
6678_turks fruit_oudezijds voorburgwal - old city hall_0.png streetview_6678_18.jpg

Oudezijds Voorburgwal - Old City Hall Turkish Delight (1973)

Eric and Olga are almost to late for their marriage ceremony.


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© Village Roadshow Pictures, Jerry Weintraub Productions, Section Eight, WV Films III, Warner Bros. Pictures
163_14_OceansTwelve_PullitzerAmsterdam_01.png streetview_1275_18.jpg

Pulitzer Amsterdam Ocean's Twelve (2004)

Danny, Rusty and the team arrive at the hotel in Amsterdam.


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© Campbell Grobman Films, East Light Media, Nu Boyana Film Studios, Tom de Mol Productions, Summit Entertainment, Millennium Media, Davis Films, Cristal Pictures
6684_hitman's bodyguard_nieuwmarkt_2.png streetview_6684_18.jpg

Nieuwmarkt The Hitman's Bodyguard (2017)

While being chased by the police on his motorbike, Michael tries to get to Darius to protect him.