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l-4289_years and years_fern cliff_1.png streetview_4289_18.jpg

Fern Cliff Years and Years (2019 - 2019)

Stephen Lyons and his family arrive at the home of their grandmother, Muriel Deacons, to celebrate her birthday.


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CaptainAmerica_DaleStreet_01.png streetview_1571_18.jpg

Dale Street Captain America: The First Aven... (2011)

Peggy Carter is trying to stop the man who committed the attack, but Steve Rogers pushes her aside to prevent her from being run over by the car. Then Steve starts running…


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l-6155_anatomy of a scandal_john rylands library staircase_1.png streetview_6155_18.jpg

John Rylands Library Staircase Anatomy of a Scandal (2022 - 2022)

Sophie Whitehouse visits her husband for lunch at The House of Commons.


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l-4291_years and years_river irwell footbridge_0.png streetview_4291_18.jpg

River Irwell Footbridge Years and Years (2019 - 2019)

** spoiler alert ** Stephen calls his brother and sisters to tell them their father died.


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f-312_heights church_47_1.jpg streetview_312_18.jpg

Heights Church A Monster Calls (2016)

Conor O'Malley goes to the big tree.


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4214_white lines_eustace street_0.png streetview_4214_18.jpg

Eustace Street White Lines (2020 - 2020)

Axel, Marcus and David hang out on the street of Manchester before they have to appear in court.


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Bridge Street crossing A Monster Calls (2016)

On their way to the hospital Conor and his grandmother have to wait for the train to pass. Conor tells his grandmother he's sorry.


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2386_pride and prejudice_stanage edge_3.png streetview_2386_18.jpg

Stanage Edge Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Elizabeth stands on the rocky outcrop.


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6231_mission_ impossible - dead reckoning part 1_darlton quarry_0.png streetview_6231_18.jpg


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2392_pride and prejudice_haddon hall - the dining room_4.png streetview_2392_18.jpg

Haddon Hall - The Dining Room Pride & Prejudice (2005)

When Elizabeth comes back in the inn, she sees Mr. Darcy inviting Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner to come over for dinner at his estate.


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3115_elizabeth_haddon hall_0.png streetview_3115_18.jpg

Haddon Hall Elizabeth (1998)

The count of Sussex arrives at the estate of the young Elizabeth.


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3109_mary queen of scots_haddon hall manor - the long gallery_0.png streetview_3109_18.jpg

Haddon Hall Manor - The Long Gallery Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

Queen Elizabeth hears that her cousin Mary has returned to take up her throne.


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2384_pride and prejudice_chatsworth house - sculpture court_3.png streetview_2384_18.jpg

Chatsworth House - Sculpture Court Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Elizabeth is intrigued by the sculptures at Mr Darcy's estate.


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2382_pride and prejudice_chatsworth house - the grand staircase_2.png streetview_2382_18.jpg

Chatsworth House - The Grand Staircase Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Elizabeth visits Mr. Darcy's home at Pemberly with Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner, the interieur overwhelms her.


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2383_pride and prejudice_chatsworth house_1.png streetview_2383_18.jpg


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Yesterday 1.jpeg streetview_3398_18.jpg

Liverpool John Lennon Airport Yesterday (2019)

Jack and Rocky arrive at the airport, see the fans and start running.


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4188_yesterday_st peter's church_1.png streetview_4188_18.jpg

St Peter's Church Yesterday (2019)

Jack and Rocky visit the graveyard where Eleanor Rigby is buried. They are being watched by someone.


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4187_yesterday_strawberry fields_1.png streetview_4187_18.jpg

Strawberry Fields Yesterday (2019)

Jack and Rocky visit Strawberry Fields.


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5503_everybody's talking about jamie_deerlands avenue_0.png streetview_5503_18.jpg

Deerlands Avenue Everybody's Talking About Jamie (2018)

Jamie New dances on the street with his friends.


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Yesterday.jpg streetview_3616_18.jpg

Penny Lane Yesterday (2019)

Jack and Rockey are visiting Liverpool to get some musical inspiration. They also visit Penny Lane.


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398174_02_FilmStarsDontDieinLiverpool_Street_01.jpg streetview_1268_18.jpg

Milner Road Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpo... (2017)

** spoiler alert ** Peter Turner says goodbye to Gloria Grahame who is leving in a taxi.


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5061_hope gap_st ignatius catholic parish church_4.jpg streetview_5061_18.jpg