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Aysgarth Falls Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

Robin fights with Little John in the river.


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5433_supernova_spar sedbergh_0.jpg streetview_5433_18.jpg

SPAR Sedbergh Supernova (2021)

** spoiler alert ** Sam goes out to do some shopping. When he returns he sees Tusker is gone.


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5258_the duke_cartwright hall_0.jpg streetview_5258_18.jpg

Cartwright Hall The Duke (2021)

Kempton Bunton is in the museum.


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Carnforth Railway Station Brief Encounter (1945)

Just when Laura Jesson thinks she is not going to see Alec Harvey, he comes running to the platform of the station.


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3406_downton abbey_harewood house_2.png streetview_3406_18.jpg

Harewood House Downton Abbey (2019)

** spoiler alert ** During the ball Tom Branson and Lucy Smith dance on the terrace.


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Bridge Street crossing A Monster Calls (2016)

On their way to the hospital Conor and his grandmother have to wait for the train to pass. Conor tells his grandmother he's sorry.