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Red Square The Darkest Hour (2011)

Sean tries to hide from the aliens.


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Red Square The Russia House (1990)

Barley and Katya walk the Red Square


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8358_02_CastAway_RedSquare_01.jpg streetview_1239_18.jpg

Red Square Cast Away (2000)

Chuck is a dedicated Fedex employee who works hard with his team to make sure all packages are delivered.


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137094_09_JackRyanShadowRecruit_PatriarshyBridge_01.jpg streetview_1222_18.jpg

Patriarshy Bridge Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

Viktor Cherevin and his men are walking on the bridge.


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Izmailovo Market Anna (2019)

Anna is at the market selling Matryoshka dolls.


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Palace Pavilion 1825 The Russia House (1990)

Barley and Katya are sitting in the park.