'Come on, hop on. I'll tell you all about it.' 

(Pulp Fiction)

Hello, welcome to SCEEN IT. The ultimate guide to find, add and share filming locations of your favourite movies and tv series all around the world. 

It has been quit an adventure to get to the point where we are right now. The idea to embark on this journey started many years ago. It all began with two incredible movie lovers who were willing to spend a lot of time - and a big chunk of their savings! - on their passion project about filming locations. We are very proud to show you the result and hope to welcome you as a member of the growing community of setjetters.

You can use SCEEN IT at home on your couch while surfing the web, or on location while you are enjoying a great holiday. No app needed, just this site and an internet connection.

What makes SCEEN IT so special? All the things you can find. Just use the search engine on the home page to find SCEENS of your favourite movie, actor or location. Or dive deeper with the extended search option, combine the filters and look for SCEENS of your favourite actor in your favourite city.

Is there a SCEEN not yet in the database? Just add it, so friends and fans can relive movie magic. The platform is community based, which means SCEEN IT is as complete and great to use as you and your friends want it to be. Just join!

Then you will also find out that SCEEN IT is actually a great way to look back at your favorite movies and series. And that it will let you rediscover movies and serie you almost forgot about. Not to mention that it will guide you to movies and series you never saw before.

There are a lot of things you can explore over here: locations, travel inspirations, movie info, comments. But if you want full control and ultimate benefits, like adding missing movies or locations, make sure to register. One thing is for sure: it has never been so easy and so much fun to spot filming locations all around the world.

Enjoy the journey! We sure will!