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What does SCEEN IT do?

SCEEN IT is the ultimate guide to find, add and share filming locations of movies and tv series all around the world. The platform is community based, which means SCEEN IT is as complete and great to use as movie fans want it to be.

SCEEN IT has several search options and filters which makes it easy and fun to use, at home or on holiday. You do not need an app, just an internet connection. Our website is responsive; so whatever device you use - smartphone, laptop or desktop - SCEEN IT fits on your screen.

How can I add a new filming location?

That's easy. But you need an account to be able to do that. First register. After finalizing the details of your account, you can add a new filming location by clicking the plus button in the menu or the image MAKE A SCEEN throughout the website. A form will present itself and you can fill in all the details about the filming locations you want to add. Make sure you add as much info as you can. Our team of moderators will quickly take a look at the received info.

As soon as they hit the publish button your info will be online. And then everybody can see - by looking at your avatar - that you are the one that posted that SCEEN. How cool is that!

How accurate do the GPS coordinates of a filming location have to be before I add them?

As accurate as possible. We want to help people by providing reliable and accurate info. That means we like to have the exact location seen in the movie. It's not that difficult to find out that David Lean's epic movie Lawrence of Arabia was filmed in Wadi Rum in Jordan. The challenge is to find the exact spots of the SCEENS. If you not really sure, just add the info. We are confident that the community will help.

What does the logo certified mean?

Certified means that we are absolutely sure that this exact GPS location was used for this particular SCEEN. If you see other locations that deserve the certified stamp, just let us know!

How can I correct information I am reading?

SCEEN IT is a crowd-based platform; everybody can join and make SCEEN IT a great place to be. But if you see or read something that is wrong, please correct it. Login to your SCEEN IT account and use the pencil in the segment to correct the information. Our moderators will pick up your signal and finalize the adjustment.

Is it okay if I upload copyright protected images?

SCEEN IT respects every creative work that is copyright protected. SCEEN IT was started because we wanted the fans to celebrate the movies and series they love so much. By doing so we all must respect copyright. Therefore, we ask you to provide the name of the copyright owner of the images uploaded by you, and provide enough evidence that the location was in fact used for the particular SCEEN.

Can I upload photos that I made at the filming location myself?

It would be great if you would do that! It is a great way to share your own experiences with the rest of the community. You can simply upload your photos in the comments section of the SCEEN by clicking the photo button. Please do not upload them as part of the SCEEN! But remember that that you need an account before you can upload stuff. We like your photos, but we also like to have some sort of control. We just want to make sure the photos will not offend people. Therefore, our moderators will take a look at the photos first before publishing.

Where can I see all the things I added and commented on?

You can see all the things you have liked, commented on and added by looking at your account/settings. All this information is stored so we and the other users can see who added things and commented on certain things.

Which GPS notation does SCEEN IT use?

There are three different formats for GPS coordinates: DMS (degrees, minutes and seconds), DMM (degrees and decimal minutes) and DD (decimal degrees). SCEEN IT uses decimal degrees. For example, the DD notation for Times Square in New York City is 40.758896, -73.985130. Google Maps can give you the GPS coordinates for any location. Simply type an address in the search field or click on the map. Right-click the marker indicating your position and select What's Here. Information about the location appears below the search field, including the GPS coordinates.

How can I use the search radius in a city?

In the advanced search option, you can use the GPS coordinates of your location and then select one of the options (km or miles, depending on your settings). SCEEN IT will show you all the available SCEENS close to you. If you decide to look for a city in combination with a search radius, SCEEN IT will show you all the available SCEENS within the selected radius from the centre of the city. In addition, we will also show you all the SCEENS connected to that particular city.

Can I use the website without registering?

Absolutely! You can use SCEEN IT as much as you like. And enjoy the information about movies, series and locations our community members have gathered. But if you want full control and ultimate benefits, like adding missing movies or locations or add a comment, make sure to register. It's very easy. We would love to welcome you!


SCEEN IT uses cookies to improve the user experience. You can adjust them in the browser you are using. You can also see which cookies we are using over here and adjust them.

Can I delete my account?

You can delete your account at any time. In that case we will delete all information that can be traced back to you individually. The information added by you will remain in the database. We will continue to disclose that information to other users, but it will be shown anonymously. That means we will keep the SCEENS you added, and the comments you posted. Once again, they will be presented anonymously. If there is still some comment or photo you want us to delete, you can let us know by sending an email (info@sceen-it.com).

Why do I have to accept terms when I create an account?

We ask you to accept the terms because we want you to realize that we store personal information and information about what you do on this website (the things you like, the comments you make and the SCEENS you add). We use it to improve the service and to be able to tell advertisers what users are interested in. We do not want that to be a secret.

Why do I have to accept the terms on the website?

It is very important that you read the terms. They deal with your privacy rights, but also state some rules about the way we want people to respect each other, the information they upload and their opinions.

How can I report copyright infringement?

If you spot images and/or texts that violate works protected by copyright law, please let us know by sending an email: copyright@sceen-it.com.

How can I contact the team behind SCEEN IT?

The best and fastest way to contact the editorial team of SCEEN IT is by sending an email: info@sceen-it.com.