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(Dead Poets Society)

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JuLy 2, 2021 - Eric

The Martian, photo Scott Free Productions, Mid Atlantic Films, International Traders, TSG Entertainment, Genre Films, 20th Century Fox

A picture is worth a thousand words. Film makers know this all too well. Some of them have created images that became part our collective memory. Julie Andrews singing in the Austrian mountains, Leonardo DiCaprio and Elliot Page seeing the impossible happen in the streets of Paris. Even Joaquin Phoenix has already joined the collection of immortal movie images, dancing like The Joker on the steep stairs of Gotham City.

There are countless beautiful movie images. Many of them feature movie stars who take us on their adventures and with whom we come to identify ourselves throughout the movie. Many of those wonderful stills also show beautiful locations. Take the promotional still from Wonder Woman 1984 for example. It was one of the first images from the highly anticipated sequel that Warner Bros. shared with the world. Diana and Steve with the beautifully lit Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC in the background. It does not get any better!



June 5, 2021 - Eric

Cruella, photo Disney

Imagine, you've just watched Disney's Cruella or the latest episode of the Mare of Easttown and you're dying to know where it was filmed. What do you do? Well, there is a good chance that you will go straight to Google, right? Perhaps you know there are some pretty good alternatives, perhaps you don't. Maybe you think that the all-encompassing IMDb of filming locations doesn't exist yet. Maybe that's because you have not truly discovered Let me explain. Because it has much more to offer than you may realize. currently has about 5,200 locations from more than 1,100 movies and series in 73 countries worldwide online. Nice numbers. There are sites where you can probably find even more filming locations from famous movies and series. But I guess that's just a matter of time.

What makes different is that it shares details of the exact locations. I mean, the complete address and even the GPS coordinates of all those wonderful sites. Many sites - especially social media accounts - prefer to keep that information to themselves. I can understand that. Searching and finding the filming locations really takes a lot of time.



May 7, 2021 - Eric

Amelie copyright Claudie Ossard Productions UGC Canal+

We all know Woody Allen's Manhattan is really a love song to New York's most famous borough. And that La La Land makes Los Angeles shine in a way we had not seen in a long time. Roman Holiday made us want to go to Rome, just like The Devil Wears Prada still makes us want to visit Paris. Some movies are the best travel brochures a city can wish for. Some films take it even a bit further. When it is set and filmed in a particular neighbourhood it creates a connection between the two that lasts forever.

There are quite a few films that take place - for the most part - in only one location. Sidney Lumet for example set his brilliant courtroom drama 12 Angry Men in one room, Roman Polanski placed his 2011 movie Carnage in an apartment and Alfred Hitchcock created such a tense scene in Jimmy Stewart's living room in Rear Window that you have no nails left when the end credits start to role. But these are all studio productions.

Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing from 1989 has to be one of the better examples of a sort of one-location movie. The movie is a true classic for several reasons, but also because everything was filmed on location on a stretch of the street no longer than 350 feet. Twenty-five years after the film's release, Spike Lee returned to the Bed - Stuy neighbourhood to revisit the locations one by one. It resulted in a video really fun to watch. In that same year, in 2014, Stuyvesant Avenue between Lexington Ave and Quincy Street in New York City was renamed Do the Right Thing Way to pay tribute to the movie classic (Google Street View).



April 2, 2021 - Eric

The Hobbit copyright Warner

Wouldn't you like to take a walk in Bag End and knock on Bilbo Baggin's door to see who opens it? Wouldn't you like to indulge in Maya's cocoa treats in her sensational chocolate shop? Buy a book at the William's travel book shop in Notting Hill? Or dance at the real Jack Rabbit Slim's hoping that Uma Thurman or John Travolta might walk in?

Too bad it's not possible to do all these things (except for the walk) because we are talking about locations that only served as a shop or restaurant for the movie they starred in. However, Bag End can still be visited. The creators of The Lord of the Rings left the charming Hobbit village near Auckland intact. It became a huge tourist magnet, attracting 600,000 visitors each year before international traveling was shut down because of Covid.

There are plenty of movie locations we can visit when the pandemic is over. Because filming took place at sites no one would even think of demolishing afterwards. Locations like museums, churches or other historic buildings and public places. Most other movie sets are still demolished right after shooting is completed.


A different look at movie magic

March 6, 2021 - Eric

Skyfall copyright Danjaq Eon Productions MGM Columbia Pictures

Do you also miss traveling? I'm really looking forward to packing my suitcase and getting out there. Start visiting the filming locations I added to my bucket list in recent months. Travelling wasn't an option but watching as many movies and series as I could, was. All the wonderful locations I saw only increased my urge to visit them.

In the last couple of months Google Street View has proven to be a wonderful alternative for traveling. I already used the service a lot, but I became an even bigger fan. Sometimes you come across a photo which almost takes you to the place you would love to see, thanks to the phenomenal 360-degree view. Therefore, I have selected a few really beautiful Google Street Views for you.

One of the most beautiful Bond locations ever presented is the one in Glen Etive. In that truly sensational valley in the Scottish Highlands, we saw 007 predicting the approaching storm in Skyfall. Director Sam Mendes must have shot the scene with Daniel Craig and Judi Dench somewhere in the fall of 2011 or at the beginning of 2012. Mother Nature only shows her colours during fall and winter as presented in the movie. But it does not make this street view in Google less impressive.