'There's a sort of greatness to your lateness.'

(Four Weddings and a Funeral)

Imagine, you've just watched Disney's Cruella or the latest episode of the Mare of Easttown and you're dying to know where it was filmed. What do you do? Well, there is a good chance that you will go straight to Google, right? Perhaps you know there are some pretty good alternatives, perhaps you don't. Maybe you think that the all-encompassing IMDb of filming locations doesn't exist yet. Maybe that's because you have not truly discovered Let me explain. Because it has much more to offer than you may realize. currently has about 5,200 locations from more than 1,100 movies and series in 73 countries worldwide online. Nice numbers. There are sites where you can probably find even more filming locations from famous movies and series. But I guess that's just a matter of time.

Cruella, photo Disney

What makes different is that it shares details of the exact locations. I mean, the complete address and even the GPS coordinates of all those wonderful sites. Many sites - especially social media accounts - prefer to keep that information to themselves. I can understand that. Searching and finding the filming locations really takes a lot of time.

About this sharing: even though I am quite proud about it, it's still not what makes a one-of-a-kind site. There are other sites that do that. Some also give people the opportunity to add filming locations or post valuable feedback, personal stories and photos. Just like What makes this site really special is its great search feature.

Eat, Pray, Love photo Columbia Pictures, Plan B Entertainment, Red Om Films

The search option in will not only take you directly to the movie, series or city you're looking for, it can also show you which scenes were shot at locations near you, wherever you are! Or tell you where the romantic movies starring Julia Roberts were shot, or the action movies with Tom Cruise in Paris, France. You've probably got it. With the Search XL function of you can combine filters and search very precisely.

It becomes even more fun, because in you can easily add a location to your own 'want to visit' list. It takes only one click. Once you are on location you can visit all the places that are still on your bucket list. And you can directly add your own experiences and photos.

Mission: Impossible Fallout photo Paramount Pictures, Skydance media, Bad Robot, TC Productions, Alibaba Productions

You can also use if you are still preparing your trip. How wonderful is it to choose your hotel based on the movies that were shot there? Or select a restaurant or bar because one of your favourite movies was filmed there? Or combine a visit to a museum or park with a stop at the exact location your favourite movie star once visited. With Sceen it's Search XL you can search and find them in no time.

Oh, traveling is going to be so much fun again...

Eric of SCEEN IT

June 5, 2021