''Barzini's people chisle my territory and we do nothing about it.'

(The Godfather)

Do you know all the streets and alleys in the city you love? Do you know exactly where they filmed movies and series in your country? Are you a fan of horror movies, comedies or any other genre and do you know exactly where they were filmed? Join our community and start adding locations!

SCEEN IT has some super fans on board who take a lot of joy in finding, adding and sharing filming locations on this site. Because they are so good at it, we call them ambassadors!

Let's introduce four of them.



Joanna is very passionate about movies and series. Especially when they are filmed in London, her favourite city. She was one of the first to join the community.

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Mad Max

Max is a hardcore fan of action-packed movies and has been spotting movie locations quite some time now, especially from his favourite films.

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Dutch Girl

Our Dutch ambassador lives in ... The Netherlands. Where else? We are so glad she started adding Dutch movies to the list.

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Eric is a member from the start. He began visiting movie locations more than twenty years ago. There is no place in the world he does not want to track down amazing filming locations.

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Do you want to not only add sceens but also become an ambassador? Contact us and we will be happy to explain the possibilities!