John Doe
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30th Street Station Blow Out (1981)

Jack Terry gives Sally a listening device in the car in front of the train station.

James Goodman
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Philadelphia City Hall Blow Out (1981)

Jack Terry wants to save Sally and decides to drive straight through the gate of City Hall.

Preeya Pantaki
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325 Arch St (apartment) Blow Out (1981)

Jack Terry's apartement building.

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4202_21 bridges_st. augustine's roman catholic church_2.png

St. Augustine's Roman Catholic Church 21 Bridges (2019)

The young André at the funeral of his father who was a policeman.

James Goodman
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3553_the sixth sense_st. augustine church_2.jpg

St. Augustine Church The Sixth Sense (1999)

Malcom is talking to Cole who is using the church as a hideout.

Mad Max
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1367_02_Rocky II_IndependenceHall_01.png

Independence Hall Rocky II (1979)

Rocky jumps a bench in the park when he's training and being followed by kids.