John Doe
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4a Cowcross Street (house) Closer (2004)

Dan's house, squeezed between the Subway and a restaurant.

Ethan Hunt
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Theatre Royal Drury Lane Closer (2004)

Opera house scenes when Anna and Dan act out far more drama in the bar than is on the stage.

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Postman's Park Closer (2004)

Dan and Alice stroll along King Edward Street and gointo the tiny green pocket of Postman's Park, St Martin's le Grand, where they become intrigued by the wall of ceramic tiles commemorating heroic deeds of ordinary folk.

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Sicilian Avenue Wonder Woman (2017)

Diana and Steve walk through the city when Steve notices that someone is following them.

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Tsai Yuan
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Victoria House - Bloomsbury Ballroom The King's Speech (2010)

Logue auditions for a production of Richard III.

Preeya Pantaki