John Doe
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Stature of Liberty Splash (1984)

Madison comes out of the water naked. She looks at the monument. A group of tourist stare at her.

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Pier 16 Splash (1984)

Allen helps Madison get away. She dives in the East River.

Gita Khan
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The Millennium Biltmore Hotel - Olive Street entrance Splash (1984)

Allen Bauer learns that Madison, his girlfriend, is a mermaid when she's sprayed with water.

Mad Max
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The Millennium Biltmore Hotel - Olive Street entrance Bachelor Party (1984)

Rick Gassko parks the school bus at the entrance of the hotel

Tsai Yuan
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The Millennium Biltmore Hotel - Olive Street entrance Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

Axel Foley orders room service delivered to Rosewood and Taggart, who are parked across the street.

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The Millennium Biltmore Hotel - West 5th Street entrance Ghostbusters (1984)

Vinkler, Stantz and Spengler enter the hotel. The hotel manager shows them the way.

Asha Ekon