John Doe
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The Philharmonic Dining Rooms Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpo... (2017)

Peter Turner and Gloria Grahame share a drink in the pub.

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Ye Cracke Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpo... (2017)

Peter Turner and his dad have a pint in the pub after Gloria Grahame has moved in to the family's home.

Asha Ekon
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Williamson Square Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpo... (2017)

Peter and Gloria arrive at the theatre in a taxi.

Diana Murphy
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Royal Liver Building Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

Cosmé McMoon is leaving the apartment with a great smile. He has just been hired to assist mrs. Foster Jenkins. He does not know yet what he is in for.

Gita Khan
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Cunard Building Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

** spoiler alert ** Florence Foster Jenkins goes outside to the news stand to read the review of her performance.

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The Port Of Liverpool Building Yesterday (2019)

Jack Malik and Rocky leave the hotel in a hurry.