John Doe
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2636_charlie's angels_los angeles theatre - lobby_5.png

Los Angeles Theatre - Lobby Charlie's Angels (2000)

Natalie dreams she's a dancer ('Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel').

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Fosters Freeze Charlie's Angels (2000)

The girls go to a fast food restaurant.

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2637_charlie's angels_410 carrol canal (house)_2.png

410 Carrol Canal (house) Charlie's Angels (2000)

Natalie wakes up in het home after dreaming she's a dancer en tells the mailman he can feel free to stick things in her slot...

Tsai Yuan
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4672_mank_the huntington library, art museum, and botanical gardens_0.jpg

The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens Mank (2020)

After waking up, Mank discovers he is at Hearst Castle.

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2762_the holiday_1883 orlando road (house)_1.jpg

1883 Orlando Road (house) The Holiday (2006)

Amanda's ridiculously beautiful house in Los Angeles.

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4588_13_ER_Church of Our Saviour_01.jpg

Church of Our Saviour ER (1994 - 2009)

** spoiler alert ** The church where the wedding almost took place.