John Doe
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130 E 80th Street (building) The Intern (2015)

Ben and Fiona go to a funeral at the Fairhill Funeral Home.

Tsai Yuan
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7th Avenue The Intern (2015)

After going to the funeral Ben Whitaker and Fiona walk the streets of Brooklyn.

Tsai Yuan
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385 Grand Ave (house) The Intern (2015)

When he replaces her driver, intern Ben Whitaker picks up Jules Ostin at her house every day.

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31-1 Fiske Place War of the Worlds (2005)

** spoiler alert ** Ray Ferrier manages to get his daughter back to his ex wife safely. Arriving at the house he is in for a surprise.

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7 Avenue Station Marriage Story (2019)

To illustrate Charlie's point “She really listens when someone is talking. Someone she listens too much for too long.” we see Nicole stop by an animal rights petitioner on the street.

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Copley Plaza Modern Love (2019 - 2019)

Maggie and Guzmin are having an important conversation.

Diana Murphy