John Doe
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Plaza Hotel North by Northwest (1959)

Roger Thornhill goes to the Plaza Hotel for a meeting but he is abducted because some men think he is George Kaplan.

Ethan Hunt
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Grand Central Terminal North by Northwest (1959)

After the assassination of Lester Townsend at the United Nations, Roger Thornhill escapes. He catches the train from Grand Central Station to Chicago.

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Mount Rushmore North by Northwest (1959)

Roger Thornhill and The Professor meet at the foot of Mount Rushmore.

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Grand Central Station Terminal Mr. Robot (2015 - 2019)

Mr. Robot is watching Freddy Lomax as he enters Grand central Station. He tells what to do to get rid of the guys following him.

Asha Ekon
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Grand Central Terminal Friends with Benefits (2011)

Dylan surprises Jamie at Grand Central Station.

Tsai Yuan
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Grand Central Terminal John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabell... (2019)

John Wick is located by killers who are after him.